Everyone Should Know These few Basic Techniques That may Save Life
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There is so much information out there, that often this overload leaves us with knowing a lot and yet nothing substantial. What if knowledge could save our lives.

If ever we find ourselves in an emergency, by the time we seek help or help comes to us, there is a crucial amount of time wasted and lost. If we knew how to deal with these emergencies and armed ourselves with a few hacks, we could potentially save many lives. While there is a lot of information out there on how to deal with emergencies, we came across a Reddit thread recently, that cumulated some really valid points on how to tackle different kinds of difficult situations and respond in the most effective way possible.

Take a look:

You know how they say you should drink your urine, if ever you find yourself in a situation or a place where there is no water? Well, that may actually not be the best advice.

Face your fear!

If you ever find yourself being attacked by bees, do not freeze, run. Try to protect your face as much as possible.

God forbid if you ever find yourself being kidnapped or abducted, try to make as much noise as possible. While it is easier said than done, because the fear in that moment cripples you, a little presence of mind will help you save your life.

In case you witness an accident or are involved in an accident where someone suffers a severe head injury, follow these steps to not worsen their condition, till the time ambulance rushes to your side.

Even the young can get a heart attack. Any discomfort in the chest, should be taken very seriously. The idea is to not panic.

Unfortunately, we hear a lot of the times that initial care during a stroke, could have avoided serious complications later. So it is important to know how to identify a stroke and react accordingly.

So many times, while cooking, we accidentally set the cooking oil on fire and shockingly all of us resort to water, which can worsen it.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If ever you find yourself in the situation, stay calm and follow these steps.

You can follow more such life-saving hacks on the Reddit thread here.
A stitch in time saves nine. 



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