How Do Married Couples Living In Joint Families Manage To Get Intimate? Quora Has All The Answers
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That's a question someone asked on Quora. And since a lot of Indians live within joint families, his concern is pretty legit.


I am a young person who will obviously get married in a couple of years. I will be living with my mom as well. I have always wondered how to middle class people living in large joint families or only with parents manage to have a time of intimacy. 
Even though these couples will have a room of their own, but wont it be embarrassing to have sex inside when your parents are outside?
I guess most people will make some sort of noises. I guess even if the doors are closed the noise will come out at times. Wont their parents or other family members mind or wont the couple feel embarrassed?
I guess there would have been many cases in which family members or parents or moms might even find packets of condoms in the closet or used condoms in the dust bin.


In most joint families, finding the space for intimacy with your partner can be a real issue. The above question was asked on Quora last year, and since then, over the next few months it has garnered some pretty interesting answers.



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