Noida: Bigg Boss winner Manveer Gurjar’s family says he won because of honesty and humility
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Three months ago, Manveer Gurjar was just any other name within the Gurjar dominated village of Aghapur, however, nowadays, his name has come to be synonymous with the village after he was declared the winner of the televised reality show Bigg Boss.

Manveer changed into born in a close-knit joint circle of relatives of forty-nine participants. although they live in separate homes, the bond they percentage with every different is unimpeachable, his buddies said.

Earlier than becoming a member of the fact display, Manveer used to appearance after the family’s dairy farm and accumulate hire from those who had leased apartments in the buildings. He even cited his ‘hire-collection’ career in his access communicate in Bigg Boss, possibly in an try and send a message to different members. but, during the last 100 days, u . s . a . noticed a humble, all the way down to earth and blunt Manveer, who won their hearts.

Whilst asked approximately his existence within the village, his buddies say that he had usually been a wanderer. They stated that Manveer changed into toward them than his own family.

His friend Amit Sharma recollects the times whilst he and Manveer used to whilst their time away in shenanigans.

“We have been everyday young people whiling away our time, partying and wandering across the villages.We used to set out in the morning on our motorcycles and return at night. Manveer in no way definitely preferred staying home for lengthy. He was repeatedly scolded through his dad and mom for this,” Sharma said.

these days, he has come to be a national celeb. I'm not without a doubt positive whether he may have the time for his vintage pals,” he stated.

However, his cousin Neeraj Gurjar disagrees with Sharma. He believes that Manveer’s energy lies in his humble foundation and his simplicity. “The best motive why human beings throughout India cherished and adored him changed into due to his simplicity and down-to-earth attitude. he's the type of person who will by no means change in spite of the situations. He has been simple and blunt all his lifestyles and he's going to continue to be that manner,” Neeraj said.

His circle of relatives members declare that it became this straightforward and blunt attitude of Manveer that regularly were given him into the problem. “whilst you are honest and blunt with words, it's miles apparent that humans will start disliking you. Manveer had picked so many fights with neighbours and circle of relatives individuals because of his attitude,” Neeraj stated.

But, it changed into this blunt mindset  that made people vote for him, in keeping with Manveer’s more youthful brother, Sachin Gurjar. “We used to get calls and messages from humans saying how an awful lot they can relate to Manveer. They have been taken aback via his human nature and honesty,” Sachin said.

Manveer had left school after 8th popular. His adolescence buddy Ravindra Bhardwaj, a techie, recollects him as a pointy youngster. “He changed into never inquisitive about formal schooling but Manveer became a pointy youngster. We each studied until elegance eight in SD Public school in our village. today, even that faculty has closed down,” Bhardwaj said.

His pals agree with that the primary issue their Manveer will do, on his go back to the village, is to kick-start his bike and go on an extended experience, just like old instances.



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