Power Paandi audio review: Composer Sean Roldan is in sublime form here
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The audio of Dhanush’s directorial debut Power Paandi is a sheer work of brilliance. Composer Sean Roldan is in sublime form.

Album: Power Paandi
Vocals: Ananthu, Dhanush, Sean Roldan, Shweta Mohan, Anthony Daasan
Rating: 4/5

After delivering an inventive yet soul-stirring (Original Soundtrack) OST in Joker in 2016, Sean Roldan continues to be in sublime form and produces a beaut of an album in Dhanush’s directorial debut Power Paandi, which is a sheer work of brilliance. That Dhanush is a sucker for melodies brings the OST an ineffable joy.

The life of Power Paandi - Vaanam:

The strings-led arrangement, fused with a delightful flute-play, provides a serene start to the track, which is owned by Ananthu’s excellent vocals. With an elementary tune, Sean Roldan pulls off a superbly orchestrated melody which is pleasant on the ears. Selvaraghavan’s beautiful lyrics encapsulating the life of Power Paandi sit well with the song.

The mass of Power Paandi - Soorakaathu:

Soorakaathu sounds straight out of Ilaiyaraja’s folk repertoire and it’s only befitting that the album, which evokes nice Raja memories, pays a nod to the legend. Dhanush’s seems to be absolutely enjoying singing the track, which is punctuated by a well-utilized chorus and a foot-tapping Nadhaswaram interlude

The youth of Power Paandi - Paarthen:

A nostalgia-inducing tune, some lovely use of flute and the appealing vocals of Sean Roldan and Shweta Mohan make Paarthen a charming duet, equally complimented by Dhanush’s lyrics.

Power Paandi - the nomad - Veesum Kaathodadhaan:

The dynamic rendition of Sean Roldan and Anthony Daasan make this track a compelling listen. Who better than Anthony Dasan to deliver an attitude-laden singing? And, he has nailed it in his inimitable style though I have to admit that the song belongs to Sean Roldan, who keeps it in his possession, especially with the soaring crescendo during ‘Engo paadhaigal’. The heady climactic finish when Sean and Anthony come together for a few seconds ends the song truly on a glorious high. Also, the seamless blend of bird’s chirps in the background lends the perfect atmosphere needed for the track.

The romance of Power Paandi - Venpani Malare:

Venpani Malare is a simple, refreshingly hummable melody, rendered soulfully by Sean Roldan and Shweta Mohan respectively in two solo versions. Sean deftly produces a soothing mélange of sounds with the mildly melancholic violin in the background, comforting flute base and the predominantly brilliant mix of Ghatam and Kanjira in the charanam.



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