Top 10 Rarest Flowers In The World.
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There are more than 270,000 species of flowers in existence and an even bigger number of subspecies. While most flowers are indeed pretty, there are flowers out there  who aren’t necessarily known for their looks nor for their smell. Some flowers require specific climatic conditions to bloom, conditions that when not met, will force  these particular flowers to either not bloom that that year or to die altogether. Such is the case with the flowers we will soon talk about, flowers that because of  their sensibilities, have almost gone extinct. Let us then find out what are the ten rarest flowers in the world and where can they be found.


10.Corpse Flower
The astonishing corpse flowers can mainly be found in the low-lying tropical rainforests of Indonesia. At this point in time, the Corpse Flower is among the rarest, most endangered flowers on the planet as their numbers are constantly dwindling. You see, this particular flower is dependent on a specific vine called ‘Tetrastigma’, a vine that is also pretty sensible to climatic variations.
9.Jade Vine
This particular flower is native to the tropical forests of the Philippines where they only bloom from time to time. It is a member of the pea family with close relations to the bean family as well, so much that it is actually related to kidney beans. When fully grown, this flower can reach up to three meters in length while its colors can vary from blue-green to bright mint green in extreme cases.
8.Gibraltar Campion
Found mainly on the high peaks of Gibraltar, this rare flower was believed to be extinct until a few specimens were found in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, the flower did get extinct eventually, as nobody has seen the flower in its natural habitat ever since. This being said, seeds of this exquisite flower are still kept at the Almeda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens in London.
7.Franklin Tree
The Franklin tree is part of the tea family, except this particular tree makes a very distinctive and beautiful flower. Native to the Altamaha river valley in Georgia, this rare flower has been extinct in the wild since the early 19th century. Nowadays, the only Franklin Trees in existence are the ones grown by the Bartram family who 
have been avid horticulturists for generations.
6.Parrot’s Beak
As you would imagine, this rare flower resembles a parrot’s beak in more ways than one. Found mainly in the Canary Islands, this flower is believed to have first been pollinated by sunbirds who have since gone extinct in the Canary Islands. With them, so did any chance these flowers had at being pollinated, prompting them to go virtually extinct. We say this because a few of them can still be seen blooming every few years across the islands.


5.Chocolate Cosmos
With a name like Chocolate Cosmos, you would expect these flowers to be very much similar to chocolate in some way. These flowers are a very peculiar species of Cosmos native to Mexico, a species that unfortunately, has gone extinct. Nowadays, these flowers survive simply as non-fertile clones brought to life through vegetative propagation in 1902. This being said, these flowers have a lovely vanillin fragrance and a quite spectacular ornamental bloom, a bloom that unfortunately cannot be seen in the wild.
This extremely rare tree was native to the Hawaii region before going extinct in the late 1950s. Although a sole survivor was found at some point in the 1970s, it too perished in a fire that occurred in 1978. Therefore, not a single Koki’o flower can be found in its original form in the wild. We should point out, however, that a branch did survive the 1978 fire, a branch that has since been grafted into 23 individual trees that can be found today in various places across Hawaii.
3.Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers
Also known by their scientific name Cypripedium calceolus, these rare flowers can be found across Europe, growing in various climates. Interestingly enough, this flower is so rare that Britain’s only specimen can be found on a golf course and it is currently being protected by the police. One of the reasons for what appears to be excessive protection is the fact that a single cut of this magnificent flower can be sold for $5,000 or more on the black market.
2.Ghost Orchid
The Ghost Orchid is an extremely rare plant that was presumed extinct for almost 20 years until a few more have been recently found in the wild. The main reason why this particular flower is so rare is that it is almost impossible to propagate. We say this because it has no leaves, it does not rely on photosynthesis, and it does not manufacture its own nutrients. The only way for it to multiply is for a specific fungus to grow adjacent to it, a fungus that makes contact with its root system, thus feeding it.
1.Middlemist Red
Native to the eastern regions of China, the Middlemist Red is basically extinct in the wild by now. The only two surviving specimens of the flower can be found in a garden in New Zealand and in a greenhouse in Britain. Originally brought to the UK in 1804, this flower has since gone extinct and despite active efforts to rebuild 
its numbers, the fact that it requires very specific climatic conditions to bloom makes it almost impossible to grow even in a controlled environment.



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