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It's simple: For full-bodied, flavorful tea without any sediment lingering at the bottom of the cup, you need a tea infuser. Some tea drinkers might opt for the convenience of single-use teabags, but true tea lovers know that the most delicious and fragrant brews come in the form of loose-leaf tea buds. Plus, eliminating that single-use bag seriously cuts back on environmental waste.


In order to properly brew a single cup or full pot of loose-leaf tea, you'll need a mesh tea infuser or strainer to catch the leaves as the tea steeps. The most standard tea infusers tend to be stainless steel mesh or silicone and can easily be popped into a single mug of tea or teapot, but there are tons of fun and cute variations to that format.
For our selection process, we scoured user reviews from tea enthusiasts on Amazon, and we also researched picks recommended by other tea-loving editors at publications like Epicurious and Business Insider. Each of these tea infusers serves the same essential function, but they also offer some feature that will make afternoon tea feel a bit cozier.
Here are the best tea infusers to make your next cup of tea feel more special.
1. TGL Basket Strainer Tea Infuser | Basket Shaped Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser (Tea Ball Infuser, Tea Strainer Infuser, Tea Filter, Tea Maker, Basket Tea Infuser, Tea Maker Infuser)
M.R.P.: 250.00
Sellling Price: 245.00
2. DEJA BREW Mesh Ball Tea Infuser for Loose Tea | Stainless Steel | Fine Mesh with Extended Chain | (Tea Strainer, Tea Filter, Tea Maker, Tea Ball)
Sellling Price: 199.00
3. MINISO Glass Stainless Teapot 900ml-Dark Green with Removable Infuser Tea Leaf Loose
Sellling Price: 230.00
4. Octavius Borosilicate Glass Green Tea Bottle With Stainless Steel Infuser & Neoprene Sleeve, 520ml, Sliver
M.R.P.: 750.00
Sellling Price: 649.00


5. TOPHAVEN Silicone Loose Leaf Tea Infuser - Sunflower Shape Handle - Stainless Steel Strainer - with A Rest Mat (Colour May Vary) (Pack of 3)
M.R.P.: 899.00
Sellling Price: 398.00
6. Teabox Elegant Ball Tea Infuser (Tea Strainer, Tea Filter, Tea Maker, Tea Ball, Stainless Steel)
M.R.P.: 199.00
Sellling Price: 145.00
7. Decorcrafts Green Tea Kettle Shape Green Tea Infuser Coffee Mesh Ball Infuser Filter Stainless Steel Strainer
M.R.P.: 599.00
Sellling Price: 249.00



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