5 Easy And Natural Ways To Boost Your Immunity
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You don't even have to go big to boost your immunity, you can start small and start slow


Monsoons are a bad time for people in more ways than one. Not only does the traffic get bad, the potholes overflow, and it gets hard to go about our daily lives but many of us also face health issues such as cold, cough, infections, etc. Therefore, doing things to boost our immunity becomes even more essential. And you don’t even have to go big to boost your immunity, you can start small and start slow. Here are some things you can do for starters.
Catch up on your sleep
Your body is more likely to fall sick if you aren’t taking enough rest. It is essential that not just your mind but your body gets enough sleep and feels well-rested. Not getting enough sleep can increase stress and therefore make you prone to illnesses. Keep a fixed sleep schedule and for fixed number of hours.
Fit in a little exercise in your schedule
Running, walking, dancing, or even walking your dog - there is some amount of exercise that your body needs to feel well. Not only does it make you feel good about yourself but also boosts your immunity.
Don’t get another round
Cutting down on your smoking and alcohol consumption is a great way to boost your energy. Drinking and smoking not only affects your liver and lungs, but also tires you out on a regular basis.


Have a balanced diet
Not only including green vegetables, fruits, and protein-rich foods in your diet but also making sure you maintain that diet is very important. Try to include a range of brightly coloured foods (fruits and vegetables) in your diet. Make sure you include some or the other vitamin rich vegetable in every meal.
Make sure that you fit in some time for relaxation in your daily schedule. Meditation, yoga, and blowing off some steam is also essential to fight stress which suppresses immune system.



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