Benefits of wholegrain food
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"Bran and fibre in whole grain lengthen digestion time,energy is slowly released,spikes in energy and glucose levels are reduced.


Whole grain foods contain all parts of the grain kernel whereas refined grains contain only the Endosperm.
Whole grains should be substituted for refined as much as possible. They are rich in vitamins,minerals, fiber and
Dietetics today- the official magazine for all B D A members. Carrie Ruxton quotes:
Wholegrain foods are a valuable part of a healthy,balanced diet and could help lower chronic disease risk such as :
Cardiovascular vascular disease
Type 2 diabetes
Obesity by reducing feelings of hunger
Colo-rectal cancer and better gut health"
Good sources of wholegrain include:
wholegrain breakfast cereals 
wholegrain bread and snacks
Brown rice
wholewheat pasta
soya granules
wholewheat flour
cracked wheat


"Improved labeling and official wholegrain recommendation would help to boost intakes in the UK."
US/canada recommends three or more servings of wholegrains per day.
A  portion of wholegrain:
1 cup(30 g)wholegrain breakfast cereal
1/2 cup cooked/25 g uncooked brown rice
1/2 cup cooked/30 g uncooked oatmeal/porridge
1 slice wholegrain bread
1 very small (25 g) muffin



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