Boost your metabolism! Five benefits of eating a healthy breakfast
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Breakfast is an important meal as it provides energy for activities that lay ahead as it fuels you for the rest of the day.


You may have probably heard the old saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” Although lately, people tend not to eat properly or skip breakfast altogether due to disturbed life-style. Late night binge-watching, waking up late and skipping breakfast to rush to the office is something almost every other person is guilty of today.
Why is breakfast important?
Breakfast is an important meal as it provides energy for activities that lay ahead as it fuels you for the rest of the day. It breaks the overnight fasting period, gives a kick start to your metabolism and helps in maintaining sugar levels.
Nowadays, working people are so busy accommodating their daily schedules that they start ignoring their health by not taking proper meals and sedentary lifestyles. For instance, having only a mug of coffee or tea isn’t enough to recharge yourself to get going throughout the day. Breakfast is the first healthy meal towards benefiting your body with improved concentration, enhanced mood, and much more.
Importance of eating breakfast: List of Benefits
We have a set of reasons that will persuade your inner self to make breakfast your favourite meal:-
1. Maintains Weight: Having nutrient dense breakfast helps control your appetite, sugar levels and hunger pangs. Breakfast supplies a major part of calories to your body which helps in avoiding overeating or binge eating in the next meal, improving your satiety level.
2. Elevates mood: A wholesome breakfast should offer all the necessary nutrients that elevates mood by releasing the happy hormones, endorphin. As your body is already in a fasting state at night, breakfast works as a fuel to kick start your system. Balanced energy levels make the start of a day better and elevates mood throughout the day.
3. Improves Concentration: It helps your brain receive the much required glucose, which eventually helps improve alertness, focus and concentration. Have a combination of good carbs, protein, fat and micronutrients to get maximum benefits.
4. Boosts Metabolism: Body is low in energy when you wake up in the morning. So, breakfast plays a major role to restore the energy level and those who miss it develop chances to go on starvation and eventually accumulate more fat. Therefore, nutrient dense breakfast helps a body boost metabolism for high energy levels.
5. Stabilises Blood Sugar: Blood sugar levels drop in the morning due to fasting when sleeping at night and a wholesome breakfast helps in improving blood sugar levels.
List of healthy breakfast options
Sunny-side-up/ Scrambled Eggs and Toast: Easiest and the yummiest, sunny-side-up or scrambled eggs with a toast or two is an ideal option to keep you full till afternoon.
Muesli with Milk: A hearty meal of nutty muesli with cold milk isn’t just the quickest breakfast option, but also a perfect source to give your body the required source of calcium, healthy fats, protein and fibre. To give a fruity punch, you can also add a few pieces of your favourite fruits such as banana, apple, berries, mango and nuts.


Quinoa with Fruits/Vegetables: Take a bowl, slice down fruits such as strawberries, green apples, bananas, blueberries, mangoes or any fruit of your choice and spice up the bowl with a tablespoon of quinoa. You can also add vegetables to quinoa if you prefer savoury items.
Cheelas: Batter made up of oats, besan along with vegetables is a good option as it is packed with carbohydrates, protein calcium and other micronutrients.
Smoothies: A glass of smoothie can basically be anything, fruits with yogurt, milk or soy milk. It offers protein along with vitamins and minerals. Adding nuts like almonds, cashew nuts etc helps add on good fat.
Idlis/appam: Enjoy steamed idlis and appams with sambhar and coconut or peanut based chutneys!
In conclusion, stating the obvious that breakfast should never be skipped as it fuels you up for the rest of the day and keeps you going. It is equally important that what you choose to eat is wholesome and in the right proportion as it makes a lot of difference to overall health and daily routine. So, what’s your pick for breakfast tomorrow?



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