Diabetes Diet: Try This Refreshing Drink To Control Blood Sugar Levels Effectively
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Diabetes Diet: A healthy diet can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Coconut water is one of the healthy choices. Here's how it is beneficial to diabetics.


A healthy diet can help manage diabetes effectively. People with diabetes should consume a low GI diet to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Diabetics are often advised to avoid sugary drinks as these are high in sugar with very low nutritional value. You can replace these sugary drinks with some healthy options. Tender coconut water is one of these to choose from. This drink can offer you multiple health benefits and load up your diet with essential nutrients. Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal took to Instagram recently to share a few benefits of coconut water for people suffering from diabetes. Keep reading to know its health benefits.
Diabetes: Try coconut water to control blood sugar levels
Ganeriwal says, "Yes, diabetics can consume coconut water. In fact, they should drink coconut water regularly because research shows that coconut water helps to lower blood sugar levels. It is also a source of magnesium which helps improve insulin sensitivity, further resulting in controlled blood sugar levels. So, it is beneficial to drink coconut water if you are diabetic."
"Not just the water, diabetics can enjoy the coconut meat (malai) as well. It is loaded with healthy fats that have unique properties which get metabolised differently in the body as compared to other fats. It can also help control body fat. So, those suffering from both diabetes and obesity can add this to their diet. It can also boost heart health as it promotes good cholesterol," she adds.
Other tips to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
1. Exercise regularly-
Optimum levels of physical activity can boost your health in multiple ways. Diabetics are at a higher risk of heart disease. Therefore, staying physically active will boost heart health, control blood sugars and help maintain a healthy weight.
2. Eat a healthy diet-
For healthy blood sugars, ditch those packed and processed snacks. Eat a low GI diet and beat hunger pangs with healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, oats, fruits in moderation and more.
3. Check your blood sugar levels regularly-
To avoid any major fluctuations, keep checking your blood sugar levels regularly. It will help you take the necessary precautions on time.



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