Food can be drug don't underestimate its power
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Remember, what you eat in the form of food has the ability to influence your neurochemistry or the chemicals within your brain and nervous system to make you feel a certain way just like DRUGS do...


I’m not saying all drugs are detrimental, many have beneficial properties but many can induce adverse effects if abused too.
Most individuals disregard the potential of food to influence biological and neurological chemistry, so they continue to over-consume and abuse different sources.
Do you know that the refined sugar found in chocolate, cakes, soda etc - is literally 7-8 times more addictive than cocaine!
Let that really sink in...
It’s a fact, that refined sugar lights up and activates a higher density of neurons in your brain than what cocaine does.
Are you surprised now by the epidemic of sugar addiction all over the world?


It’s not all doom and gloom though, we have to consider that some foods are definitely killing people but the right foods will no doubt heal, save and energise the people.
It’s time to think of food with a different perspective 👁



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