Nutritionist shares effective tips to overcome a weight loss plateau
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Ensure your fitness journey doesn't hit rock bottom with these tips


Many a time, fitness routines fail to bear results indicating that one has perhaps hit the fitness plateau. One of the main reasons for the same is said to be that the body has got used to the daily workout and that it is time to try out a mix of new workouts.
But is that the only aspect of your fitness journey that needs to change? Think again.
According to nutritionist Lovneet Batra, hitting the fitness plateau is completely normal, and one can overcome it with a few lifestyle changes.
“Breaking through a weight loss plateau often seems like a lost cause. No matter how hard you try, the weight just refuses to budge. It gets frustrating sometimes too! For many of us, it is that discouraging point where we are about to give up. But then what’s the point in taking a battle if you can’t put up a good fight?” she asked.
“Hitting a weight loss plateau is completely normal and there are ways with which you can overcome it,” she added.

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What causes it?
A slower metabolism is responsible for slow weight loss even after having the same amount of calories that helped one lose weight. A plateau occurs when one burns calories equal to the amount one eats.
What can be done?
To lose more, you need to either increase your physical activity levels or decrease the number of calories.
Bring in more complex carbs and fibre
Carbs take more time to get digested and keep you full for longer. This helps avoid unnecessary binging.


Get smart with your workout
Re-look at your exercise routine and rev it up to ensure you do a different mix of workouts. You should either increase the time or the intensity after consulting your fitness expert.
Push with protein
Pack in good protein throughout the day, which gives you the necessary strength while burning the calories.
Manage stress
Stress is the most common cause for hitting a plateau. Try doing activities that help you unwind, whether meditation or a long walk or listening to music.
Add more calories
In simple words, don’t stop with calories altogether. Don’t go below 1,200 calories a day but make sure you burn it the right way.
Sleep well for a slimmer waistline
Poor sleep can wreck your weight loss plans. With disrupted sleep, the body produces more of the stress-response hormone cortisol which makes the body hold on to fat for energy. With lack of sleep, leptin levels fall which means you reach out to snacks.



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