Period Awareness: Menstruation is Normal. Period!
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Let's normalize menstruation for once!


Consistently, a huge number of adolescent young ladies around the world face a hopeless pattern of torment, inconvenience, disgrace, tension, and seclusion when their feminine period shows up. In some low-pay and center pay nations, admittance to clean items like cushions, tampons, or cups is restricted, and young ladies regularly resort to utilizing intermediary materials like mud, leaves, or creature skins to attempt to ingest the feminine stream. Proper and sterile framework, including garbage removal instruments, cleanser and water for washing, and protected, private, and open latrines, is seldom accessible or manageable. This shortfall of offices, combined with the disgrace and dread of uncovering their feminine cycle, implies that numerous juvenile young ladies are compelled to miss school during their period; thus, in numerous country asset helpless settings, young adult young ladies who are as of now distraught by accepted practices miss a fourth of their instructive chances.
Even after all of this things said, periods have still been a taboo question to be discussed in public. People still can’t talk openly about it or discuss it. It’s necessary to normalise the fact that it’s a very natural phenomenon and should be looked into like a normal topic. Having a conversation about it with your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother is necessary and should be given importance to.



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