Aster-A Divine Flower Dedicated To All The September-Born

Flowers are the most precious gift showered by nature that can illuminate days like nothing else. Flowers spread a scintillating aroma and smiles everywhere they are present. And, do you know that flowers also hold a significant role in making the birthdays splendid? Indeed, there are some specific blooms known as ‘Birthday flowers’ dedicated to every month in a year. Yes, for every birthday from January to December, there are gorgeous birthday flowers which give you a more magical reason to celebrate your birthday with. So, if your birthday month is September, here is a majestic flower dedicated only to you. Any guesses? It’s none other than the divine Aster.


Aster Birth Flower For September Born
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How Do Asters Look Like?
ARich Dark Purple Aster - A September Birth Flower
Asters are beautiful flowers which you can often see in every garden. These garden-friendly flowers are available in a rainbow of colors like yellow, pink, red, lavender, purple, blue etc. Although Asters look like Daisies, they belong to the sunflower family and are often referred to as the Sunflower’s cousins. These are mini-flowers that symbolize Autumn and have been grown by people since ancient times. As said, these flowers are special for people who are born in September. Hence, Asters make an excellent gift idea too.
What Does Aster Symbolize?
These wild flowers with lush texture and enchanting beauty symbolize a rich cultural history of Gods and Goddesses. Apart from this, Aster flowers also represent Patience, Elegance, and Daintiness. As the September birthday flower, Asters are considered as a good luck charm too. It is said that if you gift Asters to the September-born people, it brings joy and luck in their life.
The Mystical Birth Of Aster
There are many stories related to the origin of Aster plants. However, the Greek mythology says that when the God Jupiter decided to flood the Earth to destroy warring men, the Goddess Astraea became upset by this plight and wished to be turned into a star. Later, when the flood water diminished, she felt bad for the death of so many lives. It made her cry and when her tears dropped to Earth, it gave birth to the beautiful Aster flowers.
Goddess Astraea - The Lady Behind The Origin of Aster Birth Flower
Interesting Facts About Aster
In ancient times, Aster leaves were burned to ward off evil spirits and drive away evil serpents as well.
A popular myth about Aster flower says that fairies used to sleep under the petals of Aster.
Aster was also known as the ‘Herb of Venus’ and thus was used as one of the main ingredients in love potions.
Asters have been also used medicinally to treat headaches, colds, and muscle cramps.
In France, the Aster was known as the ‘Eye of Christ’ in France.
The Greeks used to make an ointment out of Asters to heal the wounds of a dog bite.


Significance Of The Aster Flower
In Greece, Asters are believed to be sacred to the gods and thus are used in wreaths placed on altars.
One of the significance of these birth flowers is that these are laid on the graves of fallen soldiers or anyone else because these flowers symbolize fond remembrance.
Offering a bouquet of Asters or potted plant of Asters is a great way to welcome your new neighbors. This will build a friendship with your neighbor.
Apart from the September-birth month flowers, Asters are considered as the ‘talisman of love’. Thus it also holds a significance in celebrating the 20th marriage anniversary.
If there is someone special in your life whose birthday or wedding anniversary falls in the month of September, go ahead to gift them these mystical yet charming flowers to bring good fortune and a bundle of happiness in their life. This September, raise the celebratory spirit of birthdays and 20th wedding anniversaries of your loved ones with Asters.


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