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Worn out nonstick cookware defeat the purpose of nonstick cooking? With pressure cookers, safety comes first, are you sure your pressure cooker has undergone the mandatory safety tests as specified by law? Were you always wanting a hob, but didn't want to mess with your kitchen platform?


This is the time for you to get that product of choice that gives you convenience, safety, and style. Prestige Mega Exchange Festival allows you to exchange your old worn out, beyond repair cookware or appliance for a brand new Prestige cookware or appliance at a great exchange benefit.  
Here are a few types of cookware and tips on how to decide whether its time to say goodbye yet or not.
Pressure Cooker –
If you have a Pressure cooker that is a couple of years of old, in the poor state and unreliable quality. Check the metal interlocking lid, gasket and the relief valve. If any of these are not working correctly or damaged, it could be a sign to change your pressure cooker.
It's time to ditch it for a new one at Prestige, at the unbelievable bargain Prestige Mega Exchange Festival.  Prestige cookers come loaded with all the modern safety features with the elegance and durability to make anyone jealous.
Recommended Product
  • Prestige Apple
  • Prestige Nakshatra, inner lid pressure cookers.
  • Prestige Alpha, SS Pressure Cookers with induction base.
Non-stick cookware –
We all love our nonstick pans whether you are a low-oil-health-conscious cook or busy-no-time-to-clean mum. But before you realise, wear and tear could jeopardise your love for nonstick cooking.
Don’t worry, Prestige now–stick cookware are PFOA free, safe and promote healthy cooking. Read more about how Prestige is seeking Science-Driven Teflon coated cookware solutions for next gen cooking range, here. So be safe and exchange your cookware for Prestige Cookware that has superior food release properties while being easy to maintain and last long.
Recommended Products
  • Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite (The new non-stick range)
  • Prestige Xclusive (Stainless steel range)
Gas Stoves and Hobs–
Always wanted a hob since you discovered it, but could not afford to redesign your kitchen platform.
Prestige has an answer to your unique problem. The Prestige Hobtop is an innovative new hob which is mounted on a stand like any other gas stove. Its unique design allows it to be a table top hob or fitted within the platform, as you desire.
Apart from the Prestige Hobtop, Hobs and Glass top Gas Tables from Prestige are market leading products know for fuel efficiency and safety. So why to wait, get amazing exchange benefits and get new Prestige Gas Tables, or the Hobtop and upgrade your kitchen.
Recommended Products
  • Prestige Hobtops
  • Prestige Premia (With Schott Glass)
  • Induction cooktops
Countertop Kitchen Appliances –
Are you tired of asking your husband to repair and troubleshoot appliances? We use tens of gadgets and appliances on a day to day basis like mixers and juicers, hand blenders, induction gas tops, rice cookers, electric kettle, coffee makers, toasters, sandwich makers and more. They are meant to make our life easier rather than complicating it, by demanding constant attention. Some cheap and not technology advanced appliances can be a real pain because they don’t match our expectations, have lower life expectancy and are not serving the purpose they were initially meant to.
Amazing product knowledge, futuristic design, great feature set define the range of Prestige Kitchen appliances. Get access to the widest range of kitchen appliances and accessories during the Prestige Mega Exchange Festival.
Recommended Products
  • Prestige AirFryer
  • Prestige Teon juicers and mixers
  • Prestige Slow Juicer
It does not end here. Many more innovative products that help you love your kitchen and cooking. Take a look at what can adorn your kitchens.
  • Barbecues, throw amazing barbeque parties.
  • OTG, bake cakes, brownies or make tandoori dishes.
  • Chimneys or Hoods throw the kitchen odour and smoke out.
  • Idly stands, separators and other accessories for convenient time-saving cooking.
So don't wait, Exchange, and Upgrade with the Prestige Mega Exchange Festival.



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