Want To Grow A Beard Fast? Steer Clear Of These 6 Harmful Habits Immediately
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One would assume that your natural growth cycle will determine how long it'll take to grow your beard. However, if you're doing a couple of things wrong then it might just take longer for you to grow a beard. 


In fact, there are certain habits that can potentially be harmful to your beard growth: 
1. Not Brushing Your Beard As Often
Not brushing your beard simply invites tangles that are painful to undo. Besides, regular brushing of the beard leads to a healthy flow of blood which is great for a fast-growing beard in the long run. So, if you don't have a beard comb, get one.
2. Trimming Your Beard Too Often
We're sure that you must've heard that, apparently, trimming often plays a huge role in growing your beard. That's not the case. This is a myth and in fact, this will come in the way of growing a long beard. Instead, go for trims when your beard actually demands it for healthy growth.
3. Ignoring Basic Grooming For Your Beard
If you take pride in the fact that you don't use anything on your beard except a face wash to wash it once in a while, you should stop right there. This won't get you anywhere. And especially if you have a dry beard or beard dandruff that will only harm your growth further. We suggest dipping your toes in multiple products available in the market today so that you can get a beard that you've always wanted. 


4. Avoiding Vitamins For A Good Beard Growth
A balanced diet is key but if you find that you're not getting any of the vitamins like vitamin C or Omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish like salmon and sardines than you should probably make an effort in incorporating these in your diet.
5. Using Shampoo On The Beard
Again, you need a beard wash for your beard and not a face wash or a shampoo. The solution designed for a hair shampoo does not work well for the beard, so quit this bad habit if you want to grow your beard fast.
6. Not Washing Your Beard At All
Not washing your beard will make it itchy and will make you want to scratch that itch away, which isn't really great for the beard in the long run. So, you need to have a definite beard washing routine in place and you need to stick to that in order to grow a beard.



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