Watch: How To Make Original Street-Style Samosa Chutney At Home
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Indian Cooking Tips: This recipe video will help you make the same sweet chutney paired with samosa that we get in the market.


Most of us like to make different kinds of food at home, even the popular Indian street foods like samosa and gol gappa. But these foods are incomplete without a side serving of sweet chutney that we also call 'sonth'. Now, many of you would proudly claim to know how to make even this chutney at home. But does it really taste like the one we get in the market or from the street vendors? Not really! So, we bring to you this recipe that will give you the original street-style samosa chutney.
You'll be surprised to see how this chutney will turn out to be exactly the same as you get from outside. One of the tricks is to use freshly crushed red chillies and coriander seeds instead of their powders. This recipe video posted on YouTube channel 'Cook With Parul' will reveal more such tips to make the same 'meethi' chutney paired with samosa that we have grown up eating and still love.
Watch: Street-Style Samosa Chutney Recipe Video:

Boil water in a pan, add sugar till it dissolves, then add tamarind paste. You can also use tamarind-soaked water in its place. Let the tamarind cook for some time. Put all seasoning ingredients like hing, salt, crushed whole red chillies and crushed coriander seeds. Orange-red food colour will make the chutney look exactly like market-bought chutney, but it is completely optional. In fact, you can even replace it with Kashmiri red chilli powder for its bright red colour. Let everything boil. Now make cornflour slurry and add to the boiling chutney water till it thickens.
Voila! Your street-style sweet chutney for samosa is ready.



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