Winter is the best time to lose weight: Study
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The pandemic has made most of them gain some extra weight. While the world is getting back to normal, we all are trying new ways to get back in shape. If you have also started working out recently, there is good news for you.


As per a new study published in Cell Reports Medicine, working out in a cold environment can increase the body's ability to adapt to different temperatures - high to low and boost the fat-burning capacity of the body.
Weight loss
When it comes to losing weight, your diet, workout schedule, lifestyle choices - everything makes a difference. While many people think it's better to work out in the gym, some like to do it in the park. But none of us ever thought factors like weather can also play an important role in our fitness journey.
But turns out, winter can work in your favour when it comes to weight loss. Yes, you read that right.
What is the link between weather and weight loss?
People might feel that high temperature works the best when it comes to burning calories, but the new study in the Cells Reports Medicine says otherwise.
Experts from the University of Copenhagen studied eight males who swam during the cold season and went for sauna sessions after their swim for two years, while the other group of swimmers opted for the temperature-specific scenario.
The results were that cold-weather swimmers were better at adapting to temperature change in their environment, they had better thermoregulation.
It was also found that cold weather swimmers had better activation of brown fat - a special type of body fat, which is activated when the body gets cold. It helps to maintain the body temperature when it's cold.
Due to higher heat production, winter swimmers burned more calories during cooling. It was also found that people with higher brown fat storage had a lower risk of heart disease, coronary artery disease, type-2 diabetes and hypertension.



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