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Delhi Home Where 11 Of Family Were Found Hanging Now A Diagnostics Centre

The house came in news last year when bodies of seven women and four men were found on July 1. The post-mortem report confirmed suicide.


New Delhi: The ground floor of the house where 11 members of a family committed suicide in July last year, is now a diagnostic centre. The owner of the diagnostic centre said that he doesn't believe in superstitions.
"I don't believe in superstitions. If I have believed in such things I would not have come here. My patients have no problem coming here for the test," said Dr Mohan Singh.
"I have no problem with it, this house is convenient as it is near the road. I am not superstitious", he said.
However, the Hindu priest is seen offering prayers and doing "Havan" to ward off any evil.
"Pujan is being offered to Gauri-Ganesh. Before the start of any new thing Puja is performed as per rituals. One should not believe in superstition and taboo," said the priest.



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