First Hindu youth joins Pakistan Air Force

Rahul Dev recruited as General Duty Pilot Officer



In a first, a Pakistani Hindu youth has become the first person from the minority community to join the Pakistan Air Force.
Rahul Dev has been recruited as a General Duty Pilot Officer, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) said in a tweet.
Dev hails from Tharparkar district of Sindh province.
Sharing the picture of the young man, the PAF recently tweeted, "Good news during #COVID19 tense situation. Thar rocked again...Congratulations #RahulDev who hails from very remote village of Tharparkar has been selected as GD Pilot in #PAF." Though Dev's exact age is not known, those inducted in PAF at his level are often around 20.
The official Radio Pakistan on Wednesday said it is "for the first time in Pakistan's history" that a Hindu youth has been recruited as a general duty pilot officer in PAF.
The Express Tribune in a report published on Wednesday said the induction showed that the PAF was breaking barriers.
Last year, Kainat Junaid became the first woman from Khyber-Pakthunkhwa province to have been selected for fighter pilot training.
Junaid not only secured the top position in PAF's test for General Duty Pilot, but also became Pakistan's first female fighter pilot to serve the country alongside her father.
Her father Ahmed Junaid is a Squadron Leader in the PAF. 



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