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Steve Jobs’ job application, handwritten in 1973, up for auction

The single-page letter handwritten and signed by Steve Jobs, with no mention of the job position applied for or the company applied to, was earlier auctioned in 2018, where it fetched $1,75,000.


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ handwritten job application dating back to 1973 has gone up for auction. The single-page letter with no mention of the job position applied for or the company applied to was earlier auctioned in 2018 and fetched $1,75,000.
In the job application written by Steve Jobs, which will be up for auction at Charterfields for a month from February 24 to March 24, he lists himself as a student of English Literature at Reed College.
Steve Jobs also lists “computer” and “calculator” as his skills along with “design” and “technologies”. He mentions “electronics” and digital “tech or design engineer” as his special skills.
The description of the Steve Jobs’ job application on the Charterfields auction website reads:
“A single page signed job application from 1973 is being offered for sale by auction. In the questionnaire Steve Jobs highlights his experience with “computers and calculators” and special abilities in “electronic tech or design engineer digital”.
“The questionnaire is believed to have been completed around the time he dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon. A year later he joined Atari as a technician where he worked with Steve Wozniak before they founded Apple in 1976.”
“The application is in very good condition with some overall creasing, light staining, and old clear tape to the top edge. It is accompanied by letters and certificates of authenticity. Previously it was sold at auction in 2018 for over $1,75,000.”
“There is no indication of either the role for which he was applying, nor the name of the company. The skills section does, however, indicate a computing company.”
The online auction will run for a month and interested buyers can visit bidspotter.co.uk to make their bid for the Steve Jobs signed memorabilia.



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