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This New Year, Make Yourself These 10 Promises For A Calmer Mind

There are multiple things we juggle with on an everyday basis. Our work, friends, family, social media, etc. Now add all these everyday things and look at the year that’s gone - how many things have you achieved? Plenty! But do you feel calm? The answer for most of us would be no.


Even after all the little milestones we’ve broken through this year, our minds are still muddled and confused. There is so much more to do and it always feels like there is just no time. 
With 2019 approaching, our to-do lists are getting ready again. Before you lay focus on anything else in your life, think about your internal peace and how you can achieve it. If you don’t know where to begin then let these 10 promises help you get started.
1. Think before you react
Negative reactions can hurt not just the people around you but also your mind. Stop and think before any instant reaction.
2. Cut the toxic people
Whether it’s the people who make you doubt yourself or the ones who never appreciate you, it’s time to cut them out. You deserve better.
3. Distance yourself from your anxiety
Think of it as a guess rather than a fact. What your mind tells you in a state of anxiety is not the absolute truth, it’s a thought of desperation. Look at the objective evidence instead and remember, your anxiety is just a part of you. 
4. Practice mindfulness
Take 5-10 minutes everyday to just focus on your thoughts and how they might affect your life. Mindfulness can be practiced through any way - whether it’s sitting and having a cup of tea in silence or meditation - all you need is a calm and steady environment.
5. Have bad moments, not bad days
You’ve had a crappy morning and didn’t even get your coffee right, it’s the beginning to a bad day. Or maybe it’s just one bad event. Don’t let it consume your entire day or week. 
6. Sleep on it
If you’re simply unable to settle down mentally, just get in your blanket, play some nice music and close your eyes. As impossible as it sounds in the moment, everything gets a little more clear once you’ve had a good sleep. 
7. Don’t rush the present
We all want the future to come quick but we often dismiss the present for its sake. The next hour, next day, next year will come but the now will not return. Take it in as much as you can.
8. Keep your phone notifications off one day a week
Yes, you have to do the impossible. It’s important to stay connected but our digital world on most days gets the better of us. Choose any day of the week and turn your phone notifications off. Pick up some other activity and focus on that rather than your social media. 


9. Display warmth
Scowling is easy. The resting b*tch faces are easy to make. What’s tough is to find it in yourself to be warm to somebody without any expectations in return. To pass a smile when you are sleep deprived or simply not in the mood. Do it for others as much as you’d like others to do it for you.
10. Find a hobby that nurtures your mind and soul
Make this your new year resolution. Find a hobby or task that you do simply for yourself. This would be something you don’t showcase on social media or talk extensively about. You don’t do it for the likes, follows or validation. You do it simply for yourself. Internal validation is the best form of appreciating yourself. 



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