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Your intellect will be sound, and with quick grasping powers. A certain precipitation in everything will enable you to learn quickly. Your visual memory is excellent, but you cannot remember names, anniversaries and birthdays.
Your walking and movement will be nimble, and your voice will be clear and of a pleasant tone. Success often comes through your own merit, although luck, will play an important part with unexpected fall and rise in your life. You are usually practical, without despising idealistic ideas. You are a man of refined tastes, and a lover of beautiful things.


You partake strongly of the breezy character in romance; but underneath it all, you rather hope to find someone who will meet your standards of interest in the opposite sex. You have your serious attitude hidden deep within, and it could take many a year before you can fulfil it. Your ability to win love is high, but you can damage it when you become too disillusioned and bitter about romance. Be cautious not to let yourself become cynical and hard in your attitude, for, that can keep love away from you with devastating effectiveness.
In love, you want to be able to look upon the entire person of your loved one with approval. You are easily tuned off if the exterior appearance is not up to your standards. Beyond this, you demand a witty intellect and a charming manner in a loved one. Never give up in seeking love, for such a person as you dream of does exist, many find love in and joyous marriage with one of ideal nature and appearance, and you may be one of those fortunate ones.
Your love life is directly and very intimately connected with sleep. Therefore your bedroom should be free from any noise and disturbance, at quite a distance from your drawing room. The direction of your bedroom should be towards North-West. Keep a money plant or green plants by your bed-side. Green is one of the most balanced and peace-promoting colours. It soothes nerves, cures hypertension and controls palpitation, which helps in giving sound sleep. White bed sheets and wormwood perfume will keep the room charged with positive energy.
Almond chocolates, bangles or wrist watch
Bottle green and golden yellow
Libra or Aquarius or persons born on 5, 14, or 23 of any month.
My wife left home on September 15, 2017, after altercation with my mother. When will she come back?— Dr KV Singh, Pune
A: Both the charts suffer from Pitr Dosha, which does not support a happy married life. Although many efforts are needed to curb irresponsible behaviour of your wife but Jupiter placed in a benefic house may pave the way for reconciliation. The period is not benefic till October 27, 2018, therefore wait for the critical phase to blow over. Get rid of Pitra Dosha at the earliest.



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