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Tattoo Artist Vikas Malani Inks ‘Freedom’ Into The Lives Of Acid Attack Survivors.

“I want to remove both unacceptance of women tattoo artists and the stereotype about women with a tattoo on their bodies.”
A tattoo artist for the last 15 years, Vikas Malani does all he can to make this world a better place for women. “Women are doing great in almost all fields, then why not in tattoo design. What I have learned about women is that they love challenges. You challenge them to do anything, and they’ll accomplish it with flying colors.”


Talking about what he does best, Vikas told me, “In the last 15 years if I met 100 tattoo artists, only 3 were women. I want to introduce more women to this art.”
His mother is his inspiration. We got in touch with Vikas to know more about his recent initiative wherein he tattooed acid attack survivors and taught them the art.
One of his clients at the tattoo workshop was our dear Laxmi, who won our hearts with the choice of her word ‘Freedom.’
How did you come up with the idea of tattooing acid attack survivors and teaching them the art? Are you teaching them for free?
Last women’s day, I collaborated with acid attack survivors. I feel that this small effort from my end can bring happiness into their lives. They need people who can talk to them without any hesitation. I want to convey to the world that beauty is superficial.
Our work brings us worth, and that is our identity. I consider my work as a medium to make them happy. Yes, I taught them for free. The first workshop was intended to break the ice and give them a brief about tattoo making. More such workshops are underway.
Doesn’t it hurt while you tattoo on the burnt skin?
No, it doesn’t. There are cuts and wounds and burns on people’s skin. And they get tattoos done. It is always advisable to get it done by an expert, someone who knows his art well.
Acid attack survivors and tattooing, both are often seen as taboos in our country. How do you vision this combination to become a success? 
Well, with your love and support, I hope to bring a change in the mindset of the society. It is easy to pick people and sympathize like many did with acid attack victims. But I want to ask them, what have they done to make them feel wanted, an equal part of our society? People should become more compassionate and sensitive.
What obstacles did you face in this course of time?


The first obstacle I faced was to break the ice with the acid attack survivors. Next what displeased me was getting not much support from my own tattoo industry.
Also, it is sad how many girls still think that getting inked will bring difficulties in getting hitched. I want to change these notions!
Are you planning a tour across India?
Yes of course! I am planning to visit the acid survivors’ café in Udaipur, Agra, and Lucknow.
How are the women in your life reacting to your initiatives?
They have always appreciated me. Women in my life have always set an example for me. My entire top-level management team comprises of women because they manage the work best.
After your recent workshop with acid attack survivors, what other projects are underway?
I have worked on several projects in the past. To mention a few, I have taught tattoo making to underprivileged kids, encouraged disabled people to take up jobs and have taken them on board as well. I have worked with people who have vitiligo (A disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches).
I am in touch with a few NGOs to reach out to foster kids, and I hope I can make this happen soon. I want to spend time with them and make them feel that they are the most beautiful people in the world.


Article Original Source : http://www.mumbaitattooart.com/



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