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15 True Facts That Will Are Seriously Hard To Believe

It’s a crazy world out there but these unbelievable facts make it seem crazier than you could have imagined. You will never look at Gary Oldman or molasses the same way again. You have been warned.


1. Bat bombs.
During World War II a friend of Eleanor Roosevelt thought up the idea for a bat bomb. The bats would be dropped from the sky in a bomb, mid-air the bomb would open and the bats would be released. The bats had small charges attached to them so when they flew into building they would detonate. The idea was soon panned for the Atom bomb. (Bet Japan preferred the bat idea).
2. Rubik’s cube.
Have you heard that there is over a billion possible permutations for the Rubicks cube? Well that is wrong. The inventors of the Rubik’s cube just made that number up so that people could comprehend a number. If the actual possible permutations were laid out side by side it would stretch 267 lightyears away. That is too much for our brains to handle. So they dumbed it down for us. Yay, math is hard.
3. Kidney Transplant.
When you have a dud kidney, they don’t actually take the kidney out. They put the new kidney in your pelvis area and just redirect the veins and arteries. So it’s not really a transplant, because they don’t take anything out of you. Weird huh?
4. Molasses is a killer.
Molasses killed 11 people when a truck exploded, sending a river of black death into a town. Drowning in molasses. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
5. You can lose your original speaking voice.
After years of putting on an American accent, Gary Oldman had to go to a speech therapist. His brain had forgotten what his original voice sounded like.
6. Match.com is almost too good.
The creator of Match.com lost his girlfriend to someone she met on Match.com. Oh excuse us for a minute. *bahahaha*.
7. Good brother, bad brother.
Robert Lincoln was the son of President Abraham Lincoln. One day Robert fell on some train tracks and his life was saved by Edwin Wilkes Booth. A year and a half later, Edwin’s brother would assassinate Robert’s father. Mind blown.
8. Russia is bigger than Pluto.
For many years it was called a dwarf planet and eventually wasn’t called a planet at all. We always knew Pluto was small but did you know it was smaller than Russia?
9. Anne Frank and Martin Luther King.
These very famous faces were born in the same year. No foolin’. Both were born in 1929. Both did a lot for the world. Both died far too young.
10. Raining diamonds.
On Saturn and Jupiter it rains diamonds. Unfortunately the diamonds disintegrate before they hit the surface of the planet. Lucy would sure be a rich girl on those planets.
11. Mongolia had the largest army in the world.
In the 13th Century, Mongolia had the largest army in the world. It then suddenly disappeared. In 1930 the Soviet Union gave Mongolia a boat to start-up its army again. They now have one tugboat that is manned by seven men. None of whom can swim.
12. Robert G. Heft designed the American flag.
For a school project, Robert G. Heft created the current American Flag. He got a B- for it.




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