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Ratan Tata gets called Chhotu on Instagram. His million-dollar reply wins Internet over

Ratan Tata won over the internet with his million-dollar reply after he got called Chhotu on Instagram.


Ratan Tata is winning the internet with his million-dollar reply after a woman called him 'Chhotu' on Instagram.
The former Tata group chairman recently reached 1 million followers on Instagram. To celebrate the milestone, he posted a picture of himself with an endearing thank you note.
His gram received immense love and fans flooded his picture with heartwarming comments. However, a social media user commented "Congratulations chhotu" with a heart emoji. This did not go well with netizens and they started bashing the woman with hateful comments.
That's when Rata Tata stepped in and replied to her comment with utmost kindness. "There is a child in each one of us. Please treat this young lady with respect," he wrote with a smile emoji.
Meanwhile, the woman deleted her comment. When Ratan Tata realised the same, he took to Instagram stories to condemn the bullying and disrespect she faced.


"A very innocent young lady expressed her heartfelt sentiments yesterday and called me a kid in one of her comments," he wrote in the first story.
"She was bullied and disrespected for this, and in the end she deleted her sentiments," he added.
"I appreciate and respect the heartfelt note that the young lady had left me, and hope she will not refrain from posting again," he concluded.
Ratan Tata joined Instagram last year in October. In the short span of time, he has mastered the social media game. He recently broke the internet after he shared a picture of himself from his young days.



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