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This Pune superwoman has had enough of bikers riding on footpaths

Nirmala Gokhale, a Pune resident, along with other senior citizens, was seen stopping two-wheelers from riding on pavements.


Pedestrians woes are never over. Be it pavements that lack pavers or cars that are use side-walks as private parking spaces, it is almost always a pedestrian who has to suffer. But then, there are stars who put their life at risk to ensure motorists follow traffic rules. Enter superwoman, Nirmala Gokhale.
At a busy stretch in Canal Road near SNDT college, Pune, Gokhale appears to have given up all hope in the Pune traffic police and has taken it upon herself to ensure two-wheelers don’t encroach upon footpaths.
A senior citizen, Gokhale is seen in this now-viral video, blocking the pavement every time a motorcycle rider chooses to ride on it to get ahead of traffic. “If you want to continue on the footpath you will have to hit me and go. Else get down and ride on the road,” she tells a youth who promptly complies.
Seeing her determination, several others joined her too.
Watch the video here:
While many lauded the woman for her efforts, others also prompted authorities to take strict action against people who flout traffic rules. Take a look at some comments here:


The Pune Police also responded, albeit in a very bot-like manner.




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