‘What can give happiness to all?’

The yardstick to measure happiness or ascertain the source of happiness is not the same for all age groups. If, for youngsters, elements like passion, love, profit motive, plenteousness and sensual pleasure might quantify or bring happiness, these may be very different for older age groups.


For elders, peace of mind, purposefulness, purity in life, prayer for common welfare maybe priorities that bring the happiness experience. And the two sets of criteria — one for youth and the other for elders is usually not interchangeable in most cases.
Youngsters are generally comfortable with risks, challenges, the digital world, and anything adventurous. For many, the profit motive is a guiding factor and they work hard to achieve that plenteous feeling. Sensuous pleasure, for many, is an important measure of happiness. But we often see today that with such a fast pace of life filled with various activities, the young today have neither time nor energy to nurture trustworthy relationships and forge lasting friendships. In working hard and playing hard, there is the danger of missing out on some of the important aspects of life that are not quantifiable.
As far as the elderly are concerned, they too have been through the ups and downs of youth. But now, they are looking for peace of mind. They are now not in a position to make drastic changes either in their lifestyle or outlook. But they are open to doing whatever it takes to bring in elements like peace of mind, purposefulness and purity in life. They pray for wellness of all and derive joy in acts of compassion.
Spirituality, however, could ensure and sustain success in obtaining deeper satisfaction — more like true happiness — to youth as well as elders. Yoga practice could help to find the necessary balance of mind-body-soul.


Reading good philosophy gleaned from scriptures and cultivating faith in the Supreme are also factors that can engender your progress toward contentment and true happiness.
Without this kind of spiritual dimension in our lives, we could get obsessed with physical pleasure that might undermine our capacity for self-reflection, self-regulation and Self-realisation. This will also slowly help us overcome negative emotions and nurture good relationships. 



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