20 Interesting facts related to Krishna

1.Shree Krishna appeared in front of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya on Shravan Shukl Ekadashi at Thakurani Ghat, Gokul. He instructed Mahaprabhu ji to give Brahm Sambandh (Deeksha) to devotees in the path of grace and love.


2.On leaving Govardhan Hill, Sri Govardhan Nath travelled for two and a half years before camping at Naathdwara near Udaipur.
3.Haweli is a temple-home of Thakurji (Sri Krshna), where he is served through Asht-yaam seva throughout the day..
4.In summer, scented water fountains and flower-bowers or Phool Banglas are prepared for Thakurji to keep the sultry heat away.
5.Haweli Sangeet took birth with Raag-seva rendered by Asht-chaap sakhas – Parmanand ji, Nand Swami, Govind ji, Kumbhan Das, Surdas ji, Chaturbhuj ji, Chit Swami & Krishna Swami.
6.Haweli Sangeet is largely sung in Dhrupad & Dhamar styles of classical Indian music. This is still practiced at Radha Raman mandir, Radha Vallabh mandir, Sri Tatiya sthaan and Raghunath temple in Vrindavan.
7.Vrindavan’s Raaslila performances use Braj-bhasha poetry, Rasiya songs and a touch of Kathak dance to enact stories about Sri Krishna. Raslila shows an earlier impact of Kathak.
8.Noted classical Hindustani singer Girija Devi has a collection of verses written by Krishna’s Muslim devotees.
9.In Vrindavan, Phundan Lal and Kundan Lal Shah built a palace-temple for Sri Radha Raman ji. This 250 year old palace in Italian marble, embellished with Rajasthani Jharokhas, Lucknowi stucco art & Belgian crystal is worth a dekko. Check it out on your next visit to Vrindavan!
10.Regular tram service between Mathura and Vrindavan is an exciting way of seeing local life here


11.Around Purnima, takers of Sri Giriraj Maharaj’s (Govardhan) parikrama increase manifolds. Regular parikrama takers from Delhi and surrounding surrounding villages areas hit the 21 Km path without fail!

12.Akbar was a patron of Tansen’s guru Sri Haridas, and sent gifts of Poshak (dress), ornaments and perfumes to temples of Vrindavan.
13.Vrindavan was a heavily forested area when rediscovered and renovated by efforts of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, his 6 Goswamis, Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya ji, Swami Haridas ji, Hit Harivansh Goswami & other Rasiks of Shree Hari.
14.Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya got Krishna’s darshan of Gwal at Raman Reti, Gokul.
15.Yamuna Maharani is a beloved wife of Krishna. Vaishnavs around the world request her grace. Keep Yamuna clean and happy.
16.Dhruv, a child devotee of Vishnu received his darshan after tapasya on the banks of Ganga at Bithoor, near Kanpur.
17.River Yamuna’s Pani ghat is any bird-watcher’s haven in winter. Migratory birds flock here in thousands, while parakeets, lapwings, warblers, babblers, bee-eaters, drongos, egrets, mainas & a host of others can be seen any time of the year.
18.Sri Banke Bihari ji is a combined swaroop of Shree Krishna & Radha Rani.
19.Kadam & Tamaal trees are considered part of the original flora of Vrindavan.
20.Lucknow’s Nawab Wajid Ali Shah performed Rahaas dance-drama, based on Krishna’s Raslila.



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