Over 50% people switched to online grocery shopping after demonetisation
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More the 50% respondents stated they began ordering grocery products on-line after demonetization and some other 25% stated they would love to start soon, in line with survey executed through discounts and coupon site, CashKaro's survey. The authorities' decision to demonetize old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes resulted in a coins crunch for plenty and as a result resorted to shopping for necessities together with groceries on-line via digital charge structures.

A prime reason for humans to order grocery merchandise online became the coins free transactions. the second one motive in the back of ordering groceries online became the better offers and discounts. 24% of respondents inside the survey stated it turned into handy because it reaches your doorstep in some clicks. similarly, 10% select it due to the fact they may put a delivery date and time of their choice.

while 30% pick to order it via the computing device, 24% choose to region their orders through the app. however, a large 46% desired both as a choice.

The survey discovered that there are quite a few obstacles to searching for groceries on-line, with excellent worries being the number one difficulty following via unclear return rules. 

The most desired online grocery stores included BigBasket and Growers. even as the respondents select BigBasket on the basis of a top notch typical carrier, Grocers become favoured the maximum on the idea of packaging.

In the survey, 21% of the respondents said that they have to get better deals and discounts on a line, while thirteen% respondents say online ought to provide the equal charge as offline alternatives.

The survey determined that a majority (61%) of the respondents save for groceries weekly, followed by means of 20% who save twice in a month and 19% who keep once in a month.




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