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Ramadan weight loss: 14 effective tips to reduce belly fat and stay healthy while fasting

New Delhi: The auspicious month of Ramadan is upon us as we imbibe the soul-cleansing energy radiating throughout the month with rigorous fasting. The holy month of Ramadan is a perfect time to kick-start your physical fitness journey while you are on a spiritual journey to get closer to Allah. Fasting, as we all know, has been recognised for numerous health benefits. Fasting is a natural detox that helps boost metabolism and promote weight loss, it improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and helps in cell recycling among many others.


While a growing number of studies suggests that fasting holds great promises for health, wrong strategies - such as eating continuously, especially between 'iftar' and 'suhoor', or overeating - can lead to weight gain. Perhaps, as much of an exhausting exercise is for a normal person, things get even dicer for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts - who require proper nutritional intake daily and need to maintain body fluids round-the-clock. But, fret not! Here’s Mehar Rajput, Dietitian and Nutritionist, FITPASS, tells us how to ensure the same and stay slim and fit during the holy month of Ramadan.
*Drink at least 2 glasses of water during 'suhoor' or 'sehri'.
*Eat fruits that keep you hydrated - watermelon and grapes.
*Include fiber, proteins and carbs in your suhoor meals to avoid hunger pangs.
*Eat with your family and loved ones, create mindfulness around the food you eat and reconnect with your eating habits.
*Continue with your workout. However, you may want to lower your intensity.
*Continue with the tradition of breaking your fast with a date - it is high in fiber and potassium and helps in water retention .


*Don’t break your fast with spicy foods like kebab or chutney – it will cause heartburn.
*Don’t overeat out of insecurity – avoid binge eating to bring down blood sugar levels.
*Do not rely on junk food - maintain a 90/10 rule of eating, i.e. 90% of food with high *nutrient content and 10% of desserts and fried foods.
*Avoid sherbets and processed foods if you are trying to lose weight during Ramadan.
*Medication like Excedrin may be avoided if you are having caffeine withdrawal symptoms - like a headache. Instead, try resting and avoiding exertion through the day. This is the time to detox.
*Avoid fasting if you are diabetic or are suffering from irregular blood pressure levels - changing the time of your medicine can be difficult and may aggravate your condition.
*Avoid fasting if you are suffering from kidney disorders and can’t be dehydrated for long.
Do not start a new workout regime while you are fasting.



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