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Sawan 2018: Do not forget even in Savannah, this work will get annoyed, Shivaji, maybe big disaster

In Shravan 2018, worship of Lord Shiva is going to give special results, but not forgetting Shivling also these things, do such things.


Lucknow. The month of Saawan is starting from July 28. The first Monday of July is the first Monday of July. Saavan is called the month of Lord Shiva. It is believed that in this month the worship of Lord Shiva is going to give special results. Lord Shiva is the deity most easily pleased with. He is Bholanath and he is also called Mahakala. Even if Mahadev is easily happy, there is a God who can easily be happy, but even a few mistakes in worship can make him angry. So do not do this work even after forgetting in the month of Savan.
This is not to be offered on Shivaji 
: Turmeric is taboo: Turmeric has special significance in religious rituals. There are many advantages of placing it on many deities, but turmeric plating is forbidden on Shiva.
Do not donate these flowers: Lord Shiva does not love flowers of red, except for leaving lotus flowers and flowers. Apart from this, the flowers of Ketaki and Kevda should not be offered on Lord Shiva.
Kumkum-Roli is the prohibition: It has been said in the scriptures that do not offer Kumkum and Roli on Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva may be angry with this.
Do not make a conch sound: Even if the conch is sounded in the worship of other gods and goddesses, but do not make conch sound while worshiping Shiva. Shiva may be angry. It is believed that Shiva had killed Aschoor, who had named Shankhur, which was a representation of the powers of Shiva.
Do not offer coconut: Coconut water should not be supplied to Lord Shiva. By doing so, he may be angry. Coconut is considered to be the form of Lakshmi in the scriptures, but coconut water is not receptable after being placed on Shivling.
Do not use Basil leaves: Tulsi Dal i.e. basil leaves should not be used in worship of Shiva. Shiva said in Puranana that do not use basil leaves in worship of Lord Shankar.
Do not disperse the fragmented truth: God Shankar should not even break the unstained rice. This makes Shivaji the Chapatti.


Doing such a worship of Lord Shiva is going to give special results. He is only a little happy Lord. Only those who offer water to Shivalinga with reverence and devotion can easily find God Bholenath. If nothing comes at the time of burning water on Shivling, then chant the mantra 'Oon Namah: Moreover'. If you can, read these mantras too.
Karpur Gour, Karunavatam Sanjar, 
always remembers Bhujgadharan with Sadan Basantar, Hridayar Binde Bhavn Bhavani.
Bharath - which is a grave character like Kapoor, which is the incarnation of compassion, in which the essence of the world lies in the root element, which is wrapped in the throats like Nagraj, which always dwell in the heart, such a ghostly Lord Bholenath There is a hymn with Mother Parvati.



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