The Meaning Of Power Of Mantra Om

Om, sometimes spelt Aum, is a vocal mantra that symbolises the underlying vibration of the universe.We use it to empower ourselves in our spiritual practice as it brings a new level of clarity and resonance.But what exactly is Om, what is it good for, and why does it exist?


Om As The Hum Of The Universe
Possibly the greatest mind of the 20th century, Albert Einstein, applied himself to a bunch of problems surrounding mass and energy. His brilliance brought out of him one simple idea – energy and matter are the same stuff.This wasn’t a surprise to those practising eastern traditions, as the idea of energy vibrations causing all of the different stuff we have in the universe into reality is an old one.Om, according to thousands of practitioners over thousands of years, represents the underlying vibration of the universe. Primordial energy, from which all matter is created.
Om Mantra & Consciousness
Unlocking the power of Om took many thousands of years. The realisation that brought this to bear was that the underlying vibrations of the universe made not only matter, but also consciousness.Specifically, three types of consciousness:Full consciousness – the state we are in during the day when we are fully awake.
Subconsciousness – the state we are in when we dream or reach a meditative state. Unconsciousness – the state we reach during deepest sleep when we do not dream.Though these three states are very different, they all arise from the same vibration represented by Om.
Om Mantra Meditation
The power of the mantra Om is more significant than any other mantra.Using mantra Om in meditation allows us to connect with the fabric of the universe. Drawing on the power of creation, we can shape the world and our place in it with affirmation and intent.Om also provides a sort of stream for energy to flow through as it is spoken. This stream expands the pathways between the chakras and provides clarity of thought.More importantly, it provides us with greater spiritual self-awareness, giving us an objective glance at our life.We sorely need that, as it is difficult to judge ourselves without bias.Om is suitable for nearly any type of meditation. Many meditation methods require the use of a variety of mantras to be useful, but Om is always helpful even in their absence as all mantras by necessity descend from Om.In a way, the spirit of Om lives within all of us as much as it makes up the atoms of our body. It is through the vibration of energy that it represents that we all exist, that we have our stages of consciousness and all the spiritual benefits that it provides, and that we are all joined in Oneness in an authentic sense.


It is through the vibration of energy that it represents that we all exist, that we have our stages of consciousness and all the spiritual benefits that it provides, and that we are all joined in Oneness in an authentic sense.Om may be useful in meditation, Om may be helpful in contemplation – but the most accurate power of Om is its ability to remind us that at the basest level we are forever one with the universe.



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