Why is Ghee Preferred to Oil for Puja Lamp?

Puja Lamp
Lamp is an integral part of every puja in the Hindu method of worship. In fact, lighting of the lamp is the very first ritual that marks the beginning of every sacred act in Hinduism. Lighting the lamp amounts to invoking the presence of God in the site and also awakening the inner spiritual energy in us. While oil and ghee are used to fuel the lamps, the tradition prefers ghee lamp over oil lamp during puja.


The Significance of lighting lamp
Lamp is a symbol of fire principle called as Tej. Most spiritual traditions across the world see God in the form of light and therefore, lighting the lamp while beginning the puja is highly symbolic of perceiving the supreme principle manifest in visible form as the flame of the lamp.
Kindling Chakras
Every spiritual practice whether puja other forms of Sadhana are meant to kindle the seven chakras of the human body and awaken the spiritual power within. While an oil lamp can send vibrations to kindle the first two chakras namely Muladhara and Swdhishtana, a ghee lamp has the power to kindle the net two chakras namely Manipur and Anahata as well. The oil lamp always activates the Surya Nadi of the person, while a ghee lamp can activate the Nadi that is appropriate to the individual depending on the action he is engaged in.
Empowering the vital sheaths
There are three basic propensities in creation namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas which indicate the positive, impulsive and lethargic tendencies respectively. A positive state is essential for spiritual progress. While an oil lamp sends vibrations that strengthen the Rajas particles of the sheath of vital air (Pranamaya Kosha), a ghee lamp can enhance the Sattva or the positive particles of this sheath thereby easing the spiritual pursuit.
The aura and flame of lamps
In an oil lamp we find yellow and red colour components which represent divine consciousness and radiant energy respectively. In a ghee lamp, we find an additional component of blue colour which is symbolic of spiritual emotion and helps attract more amount of spiritual vibrations from the atmosphere.
Ghee – The supreme choice for puja lamps
Ghee has the supreme place in fuelling the lamps. The combination of ghee and fire are said to produce highly powerful spiritual energy. In fact, lighting lamp with ghee amounts to placing a powerful spiritual yantra at the site. People say lighting a ghee lamp is like wearing a talisman. Shastras note that ghee lamp can attract the aura of Kubera, the god of wealth and help in winning wealth, fame, power and luxury in one's life.
Important points regarding ghee lamps
Only clarified butter obtained from native variety of cows feeding on green grass is ideally suitable to get the desired results. As much as possible, light the lamp with the flame facing the east or north direction. Earthen lamps are the ideal choice, while silver and brass lamps rank second and third in the list.



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