Women should speak up

Women should speak up. When they stand and speak up, in future, people will be more careful. They will not use them as objects, as use and throw stuff. In the entertainment and advertising industry, women are used more as objects; they are not respected as human beings. However, this was in the past decades, but now no more, that practice will have to change; women should be respected for their personality…they should not be used as a tool for finding one’s goals and aims. Women must speak up and their dignity must be respected and preserved; this is very important.


Be Stress-free
Only a stress-free society can be a violence-free society. In a society, which has stress and tension, you can’t expect violence to go away. So first and foremost is to teach people to reduce their own stress and stress means what? Too much to do or too many desires, too little time and no energy. Nowadays, needs don’t seem to become less, at least increase the energy level; time is the same, you can’t change the time. There should be more interaction between people.
Violence against women happens more when there is gender-based segregation psychologists say.
We should stop these violent (video) games. I would say the film industry also contributes to violent tendencies in people. You see, a ‘hero’ is so aggressive; he is so full of anger and hatred. People see intense emotions in their role models; people want to emulate them. If your role models are full of anger, aggression, violence, then you end up imbibing those qualities. You must move away from all such aggressive and violent entertainment.
Another is pornography. By seeing porn your head boils and your thought gets all muffled; there is no clarity and no awareness of what you are doing. If you happen to go to jail and talk to criminals there, you find that this is what happened to them. At some point of time, they lost control of their mind and they did what they did. Creating awareness is very important. In India, women are honoured and worshipped as Devi, as an incarnation of divinity. But you may ask then why there is so much violence against women? I think these are two different people. People who honour women as incarnation of the goddess are totally different from those perpetrating violence. It cannot be the same people; both of them are in the same country though.


Building better personalities is what we need. People, who are creative, will not go into violence or aggression. Lack of creativity is also a cause of violence against women, because you have energy. If it’s not channeled in a creative manner, then it wants to go in a procreative way. This drive for sex, can blind a person and they may become violent against women. They think women are objects for their pleasure; there is no honour; there is no mutual respect there.
Another thing is drug and alcohol; you see in villages in India, even in America, men drink at night and beat up women. In the morning, when they come to their senses they apologise and women patiently, some helplessly undergo this torture. Women also have to play a role in bringing prohibition.
Alcohol can ruin a person’s life; it has ruined families; it’s the cause of many families going below the poverty line. Prohibition is absolutely essential.



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