Top 8 Best Coir Mattress in India
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Buying the right mattress is very important, as it helps you in getting high-quality sleep. These days, everybody is busy and stressed in their lives, and all the credit goes to rising competition and doing errands in daily routines. A good quality comfortable mattress will allow you to sleep peacefully throughout the night.


However, choosing the right mattress depends on many factors like sleeping position, the material used in the mattress, the breathability of the mattress, etc. Now, when you search online, there are tons of mattresses available based on different materials such as memory foam, coir, spring, etc.
It is a fact that every mattress comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Out of all these materials, one of the most commonly preferred materials is coir, and we have curated the list of the best coir mattress in India.
Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have created this buying guide to choose the best coir mattress, and we hope this helps you choose the right one for you!
What is a coir mattress?
As the name depicts, the coir mattresses are made using a material called coir, which comes from the highly-dense fibers of coconut. It is extracted from the husk of a coconut. Overall, it is a natural fiber found between the internal hard shell and the outer body.
Now, it is a fact that nobody can sleep on the rough surface of coconut fiber (coir). Therefore, all the coir mattresses are created by combining foam and coir. So, the primary material used in a coir mattress is coir, and the foam is used as a secondary ingredient. Adding foam makes the mattress capable of providing the needed comfort and soft feel required for a good sleep.
One advantage of using coir as the main ingredient is that it is hygroscopic and breathable. It helps in improving the air circulation through all the layers of the mattress, which makes it an ideal mattress, for all hot climates, especially for people who sweat while sleeping.
8 Best Coir Mattress in India
1. Duroflex Back Magic Mattress
The Duroflex black magic is the only mattress range in India that has been certified by the National health academy. It is made using a 5-zone orthopedic layer of coir & a foam, designed to stay cool and firm naturally.
This firm mattress comes with a cozy quilted surface, which helps in aligning the spine in the correct posture while sleeping.
It is ideal for people who want certified orthopedic support for back and spine while maintaining the firmness and coolness of a coir mattress. The Duroflex black magic mattress comes with a warranty of 7 years and available in all sizes.
2. Extra Sleep Coir Mattress
The extra sleep coir mattress comes with a layer of rubberized coir and PU foam layer, which enhances back support and helps in maintaining the correct posture of the body.
Along with the rubberized coir, this mattress comes with a premium quilted cotton fabric that adds the premium feel and improves the breathability of the mattress. It helps in regulating the temperature of the body and the mattress at the same time.
The extra sleep mattress is available in all sizes and comes with a warranty of 5 years, which makes one of the most reliable and long-lasting coir mattresses in the market.
3. Centuary Mattresses Lotus Mattress
The Lotus mattress is made with rubberized coir as the primary material, which helps in maintaining the right posture of the body and spine while sleeping.
This coir mattress comes in the pre-assembled state, and it is recommended by the manufacturer to rotate the mattress 180 degrees once in a month to avoid the body impressions to retain permanently.
This mattress is available in all sizes and comes with a warranty of 2 years.
Please Note: Do not bend/fold this mattress, as this might weaken the bonding of the rubberized coir. Please do not sit on the edges or place any heavy objects, as it can damage the shape of the mattress. Also, make sure that there is no liquid spillage, as it might lead to some damages.
4. Kurl-on Kurlo Bond Mattress
The Kurl-on Kurlo Bond coir mattress comes with a rubberized coir mattress that delivers superior quality for its price.
It comes in a pre-assembled state, and it is available in all sizes and multiple colors.
The manufacturer is providing a warranty of 5 years, with a free replacement policy within the first year of purchase for manufacturing defects.


5. Solimo Coir Mattress
The firm mattress is from the brand Solimo is owned by Amazon.
This Solimo mattress is made from the combination of natural coir and foam, which provides the firm base to the mattress.
It is available in sizes of a king, queen, single and double.
It is made using HR foam, which adjusts according to your body shape, and it is quilted using a 180 GSM premium quality fabric that gives a soft feel.
The mattress comes with a warranty of 5 years, where the manufacturer assures quality as the mattress, which has undergone more than 50 tests to ensure high quality.
6. SLEEP SPA Mattress
The sleep spa mattress comes with a combination of cotton and coir, and it delivers the softness of cotton along with the other benefits of a traditional coir mattress.
The mattress comes in a pre-assembled state and can be used right away.
It is available in all sizes and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.
7. Wake Sleep Coir Mattress
The wake-sleep coir mattress comes with natural rubberized coir foam, where it is a natural rubberized coir foam layer that maintains the right posture of your body by providing adequate support.
The mattress has a premium PU foam layer, which enhances and increases the support to the mattress that helps in having a comfortable and peaceful sleep.
To provide a premium feel, this mattress has a quilted premium cotton fabric that improves and provides breathability to you while sleeping. It also maintains the right temperature of the bed and your body at the same time.
The mattress does not require any assembly and comes with a five years warranty, and it is available in multiple sizes.
8. Sleepwell Starlite Select Extra Firm Coir Mattress (72x30x4)
The Sleepwell Starlite coir mattress is developed using foam and coir. It is an extra firm mattress that comes with the natural goodness of coir.
It is available in multiple sizes with a warranty of 1 year provided by the manufacturer.



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