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Follow the windy, dirt roads to the end, then set up camp wherever your heart desires.
Just a few years ago, rooftop tents began popping up in the outdoor market, but they were ridiculously expensive. What started out as a fad that only appealed to rich outdoorspeople has since become much more accessible to all campers, thanks to new models for budgets of all sizes.


Since this boom, countless brands have begun putting their own twist on rooftop tent features. Nowadays, it's rare to not see a rooftop tent when you're just taking the dog for a walk, and it's practically guaranteed that you'll encounter a handful of rooftop tents when you're visiting a National Park. Sure, traditional tent camping is still a grand old time, but rooftop tents have some serious perks.
Setup is a breeze (after the initial install). These tents mount to your vehicle's roof crossbars and can be easily deployed in just a few minutes when you find a camp spot. A ladder folds out so that you can climb up into your home away from home, far away from any puddles, insects, and roaming wildlife.
You can camp anywhere (well, almost anywhere). No need to find a soft and perfectly flat tent pad — as long as the slope is minimal, you can set up shop anywhere. Sleeping off of the ground puts you high above any roaming critters, too.
The comfort is top-notch. Most include a thick foam mattress that will blow your typical camping air mattresses out of the water.
Their construction is solid. Their heavy fabrics and thick tent poles are made to stand strong in heavy winds and rains.
Cost is high. They are significantly more expensive than a standard tent, so you better plan on getting your money's worth.
They’re heavy and bulky. Most options weigh at least 100 pounds, and some up to 200 pounds. You’ll also make sure you have at least one other person with you for mounting. Plus, you’ll need a storage space between seasons, and if you decide to leave it mounted between trips, the extra drag will definitely affect gas mileage.
Day trips are tougher. If you plan on sleeping in the same place for multiple nights, but want to drive to a trailhead, your tent and your car are one.
Our favorite thing about rooftop tents? Cross-country road trips have never been easier. You can visit national parks from east to west, and camp in a different spot every night without having to completely break down and set up your sleeping quarters anew each day. If you're looking to change the way you camp, try out a rooftop tent and see for yourself what all the hype is about.
YFXOHAR 6 Person Waterproof Polyster Outdoor Camping Tent for Hiking and Camping 1 Pcs (220cm X 220cm X 145cm) Multicolor
M.R.P.: 2,500.00
Selling Price: 1,644.00
AmazonBasics Tent for Camping
M.R.P.: 10,000.00
Selling Price: 3,599.00
AmazonBasics Rooftop Car Carrier Bag, Black, 15 Cubic Feet
M.R.P.: 5,700.00
Selling Price: 3,499.00


BHAVYATA 6 Person Waterproof Portable Picnic Polyester Camping Tent for Outdoor and Camping (for 6-8 Person).
M.R.P.: 4,000.00
Selling Price: 1,999.00
BUCKETLIST® 6 Person Family Camping & Hiking Tent/All Weather Dome Backpacking Tent (Waterproof, with Net Window),Multi Color
M.R.P.: 2,999.00
Selling Price: 1,199.00
CPEX Picnic Camping Portable Waterproof Dome Tent (2 Person Tent)
M.R.P.: 1,499.00
Selling Price: 989.00
SMILE Outdoor Camping Tent Portable Foldable Tent for Picnic/Hiking/Trekking Tent Dome Tent Travelling Tent Water Resistant Tent 4 Person Tent
M.R.P.: 3,000.00
Selling Price: 1,499.00



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