The Best Honeymoon Destinations In India That All Newlyweds Should Know About!
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To the point: We tell you about the best honeymoon destinations in India!


While weddings happen to be beautiful and exciting, at the same time, they can also be absolutely overwhelming, especially for the bride and groom. After all, from spending a bazillion hours shopping for THE PERFECT outfits to choosing the right venue and picking the right hashtag (that somehow has to perfectly incorporate both your names!), there’s just so much to do! However, amidst the exhausting preparations and increasing anxiety, is the hidden excitement of embarking on a lifelong journey with your beau, a journey that often kick-starts with an exciting honeymoon! 
A honeymoon gives newly-wed couples a retreat from their family and work lives, so that they can connect and enjoy each other's presence, all the while absorbing their new reality. However, before actually embarking on your honeymoon, you actually have to decide upon the perfect honeymoon destination. While honeymooning abroad has become a sort of trend, there’s nothing like home sweet home, and as it happens, India is home to many places that can serve as the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. 
So without further ado, here are the best honeymoon destinations in India that all newlyweds should know about.  
1. Auli
Auli is unquestionably one of the top honeymoon destinations in India, boasting of snow-clad mountains in winters and lush green meadows in summers. Located in Uttrakhand, this hill station offers just the right combination of romance and excitement. It is currently the most sought-after ski destination in the country, making for the perfect honeymoon destination for those seeking some adventure amidst a whole lot of love! The area is also enveloped by oak and coniferous forests, which contribute to a beautiful landscape.  
Best Time To Visit: November to March 
Key Attractions: Auli Artificial Lake, Nanda Devi Peak, Auli ropeway 
2. Lakshadweep Islands 
Lakshadweep is the perfect honeymoon destination for a couple that’s looking for an utterly relaxing time away from the bustling city. Serene white sand beaches, coupled with turquoise sea water, offer the most romantic setting that most honeymooners dig. You can take an evening walk by the sea, or go snorkelling or scuba diving to explore the beautiful coral reef and marine life beneath. 
Best Time To Visit: October to May 
Key Attractions: Scuba diving, snorkelling, beaches 
3. Srinagar 
The beauty of Jammu and Kashmir isn’t unknown, which is precisely why many tout it as India’s best honeymoon destination. Srinagar, its capital city, is at the pinnacle of beauty and harbours an ageless charm. You should totally rent a houseboat, and sip on a cup of coffee while overlooking the awe-inspiring Dal Lake and the surrounding peaks. You can also take a stroll through the beautiful Mughal Gardens, which are dotted with colourful flowers, and will help beautify your Instagram feed with panoramic pictures. Do remember getting yourself clicked in vibrant Kashmiri attire with picturesque snow-clad mountains in the backdrop! 
Best Time To Visit: March to August
Key Attractions: Waterfronts, houseboats, Mughal gardens 
4. Goa
As it is a trip to India’s party capital can be pretty amazing, however it will get even better when you travel with your better half. After all, Goa offers a potpourri of beautiful beaches, stunning views, delicious seafood, and crazy nightlife. These elements combined make it one of the best honeymoon places in India, which is precisely why it is always swarming with newly-weds. You can dance the nights away at a crazy beach party, stroll hand-in-hand whilst enjoying the calming Goa breeze, enjoy a sunset dinner on a luxe boat, or do it all!
Best Time To Visit: November to March
Key Attractions: Beaches, beach shacks, party cruises 
5. Munnar
Remember the beautiful picturisation of ‘Titli’ in Chennai Express? Well, the song was shot in Munnar - a quaint hill station snuggled in the state of Kerala, and as seen in the popular song, Munnar is as pretty as a picture, owing to its stunning and luscious landscape! The beautiful views, waterfalls, and crisp breeze create a fairy-tale like setting, making it one of the best honeymoon places in Kerala. The land is dotted with tea, coffee, and spice plantations that will be fun exploring with your beau. You can also visit the Pothamedu viewpoint, Tea Museum, and Blossom Park. Finally, if you are a Bollywood buff, you can always adorn an authentic, regional ensemble and channelise your inner Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone by posing by the hills! 
Best Time To Visit: September to November, January
Key Attractions: Pothamedu viewpoint, tea plantations


6. Darjeeling
The beauty of Darjeeling and the romance it embraces was perfectly demonstrated in 2012’s super-hit film Barfi. If you saw that film, you’d be in agreement that Darjeeling happens to be one of the best honeymoon places in West Bengal. Firstly, this city offers breathtaking views, which are utterly romantic and perfect for a post-wedding shoot! On top of that, the city has an old-world charm to it, owing to its tram cars and colonial architecture. You should also see the expansive tea plantations that carpet the land, in addition to taking a romantic ride on the famous Toy Train which is one of Darjeeling's most prized possessions. 
Best Time To Visit: April to June
Key Attractions: Colonial streets, tea plantations, toy train
7. Andaman & Nicobar Islands 
The stunning Andaman & Nicobar islands are all about serene beaches and plenty of romantic hideouts. You can surprise your beau with a lovely candlelight dinner on Havelock Island, or let your love bloom on the serene beaches of Car Nicobar. Besides impressing one with its scenic beauty, Andaman & Nicobar Islands also offer a host of fun activities to cater to all adventure-seeking couples, including scuba diving, snorkelling, and more.
Best Time To Visit: November to May
Key Attractions: Havelock Island, Neil Island, Car Nicobar Island
8. Coorg
Located on the western ghats, Coorg is another enchanting honeymoon destination in India. The small town of Coorg is gifted with natural beauty and offers a quaint stay for all peace-loving couples. Often hailed as the ‘Scotland of India’, this scenic hill town is quite popular for its waterfalls, greenery, and flowing streams, making it one of the most romanting and tranquil spots on our list. 
Best Time To Visit: Year-round
Key Attractions: Coffee plantations, wildlife 
9. Jaisalmer 
Wondering what makes Jaisalmer one of the best honeymoon destinations in India? Well, it has to be its colourful and lively air, making it the perfect vacation spot for anyone fascinated by the city’s grandeur or India’s rich cultural heritage. This off-beat honeymoon spot houses several forts, temples, and sparkling sand dunes, in addition to serving as a romantic and exciting getaway. The ‘Golden City’, as it's often called, also offers several unique experiences and tourist activities including desert safaris and tours of havelis. 
Best Time To Visit:  November to March
Key Attractions: Forts, havelis, desert safaris, and camps 
10. Ladakh
If you and/or your spouse can best be described as being ‘adventure junkies’, then there’s no better way to kick-start your married life than by planning a honeymoon in Ladakh! The adventure capital of India, Ladakh has a lot more to offer than dazzling views of snow capped mountains. To begin with, it is home to breathtaking lakes and rivers that are fit for rafting. Additionally, if you both wanted a hands-on experience, you can always put on your leather jackets and take a bike ride through the lonely and rocky terrains of Ladakh. Finally, you can also spend some time exploring the unique cultures and traditions of the region by spending some time with locals and trying out the authentic regional cuisine. 
Best Time To Visit: April to June
Key Attractions: Local culture, Khardung-La pass, lakes 
11. Pondicherry
Why blow a fortune on a trip to France when you can easily experience its beauty in our own ‘little Paris’? The petite city of Pondicherry is quaint and boasts artsy French lanes and picturesque beaches, all the while exuding a romantic aura. As such, it’s one of the best honeymoon places in South India. While you’re at it, don’t forget to visit the Chunnambar backwaters that are truly a sight to behold! 
Best Time To Visit: October to March 
Key Attractions: Serene beaches, French colonies
12. Manali
Manali is the country's favourite honeymoon destination, and witnesses a gush of honeymooners year-round. After all, besides giving these newly-weds the opportunity to partake in a plethora of experiences - including skiing, trekking, paragliding, and more - it also offers an utterly romantic setting with the perfect backdrop of snow-clad mountains, all the while being quite budget-friendly as well! All in all, it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in India! 
Best Time To Visit: All year-round
Key Attractions: Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, paragliding, skiing



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