Would you dine at this igloo café in Gulmarg?
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The snow-covered café is a delight for locals and tourists


Noting the unprecedented snowfall that Kashmir received this year, local hotelier Waseem Shah decided to make the most of it and built an igloo café, inspired by his travels across Nordic and Scandinavian countries. Located on the premises of the Kolahoi Green Heights hotel in the ski resort town of Gulmarg, the igloo café has caught the fancy of several locals and tourists, making it a popular attraction this winter.
Gulmarg’s igloo cafe
According to this report, it is the first such café in the country. The igloo, a spherical structure spanning 22-feet and 15-feet high, took a total of 15 days to build. The café features four tables and can accommodate about 16 odd diners at a time. It is also said to be Asia’s biggest such igloo. 
Colourful crockery offsets the icy interiors, while the seats have sheepskin-style rugs casually thrown over for a rustic look. Most visitors have been coming here to grab a selfie or two, along with some steaming cups of kahwa. It also features an ice carving in the centre of the structure. 
Given that winter is coming to a close, this may just be a seasonal attraction but it’s already drawing plenty of crowds. With the picturesque Pir Panjal Mountains in the backdrop, it’s easy to see why the cafe is turning out to be such a draw. We can definitely picture ourselves sipping on a Kashmiri kahwa in the confines of this snowy structure. 


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