The 5 Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets in India [Top Picks] – Detailed Review

Buying VR HEADSET for our iPhone, iPad or even our Mac may seem simple or not. Well, it’s really as simple or complicated as you want to do it. If you are one of those who needs more than what Apple offers in the box, I’m afraid you’ve come to the right place. So let’s try to define three assumptions when looking for options to buy headphones. These assumptions will be based primarily on the use we are going to give you, although there will also be an assumption based on the design. Don’t forget to check best VR headset options available in India.

You may be one of those with just the headphones that come in the box of your iPhone you have more than enough … Then I’m afraid we will have little to offer you here. But still, read on, maybe we wake up the bug of curiosity.

Headphones suitable for sports

Do you like to “crush” to the rhythm of your favorite group? Perfect, here we go with a list of 5 of the best and most comfortable headphones for this course. It is not practical to play sports with headphones that are too big.

*Plantronics Backbeat fit: These Bluetooth headsets are of the type called “neck contour”. They are available in various colors and come in a case that besides keeping the headphones we can use a bracelet to store our iPhone. It has a microphone to make calls and in each headset, we have a button, one of “Play / Pause” and another to answer calls. It is available in several colors

*Sol Republic Shadow Wireless: Another Bluetooth option. Its moldable band allows us to adjust the headphones to the neck so they do not escape while we exercise. They are water resistant and have a fairly decent reproduction sound. The duration of your battery is around 8 hours

*LG Tone Infinim: Its support to secure them to the neck is comfortable and has the buttons well positioned to answer calls or stop playing music. They have a retractable cable that although fine, it is very useful to have the headphones protected when we are not using it. Its battery lasts 14 hours; the headphones vibrate when we receive a call or when we get too far from our iPhone.

*Beats Powerbeats2: The option of the fashion brand, Beats. To play sports they are perfect, both because of their size and their weight … You will hardly notice that you are wearing them. And as always, the quality of sound reproduction is among the best. Although, yes, its battery is not the most durable and its price is the highest.

*Bose Freestyle Earbuds: I’m in love with Bose headphones (and speakers). I love their bass and their reproduction of sounds in general, could not miss this list. Good low in this model, in particular, an attractive design and resistant to sweat. They bring remote control and a cover to transport them, as a negative point they have not completely isolated from the outside noise, so they can be annoying in noisy environments.

Best VR Headsets in India

Specially designed for a gaming VR experience, AuraVR Pro is the bestselling VR headset from AuraVR, the proud pioneers of VR in India. The unique design and a free Bluetooth gaming remote make AuraVR Pro class apart from the horde of VR headsets in the market. AuraVR Pro is geared for the serious mobile VR gamer. Using this VR gadget you can play virtual reality games, enjoy 360-degree videos, and view virtual tours and 3D movies on your smartphone. It will redefine your virtual reality experience. The included Bluetooth gaming remote works with both VR & non-VR mobile games, it can also be used as a remote selfie clicker or a wireless presentation controller. The headset is comfortable & supported by a 3 way adjustable heads trap. 42 MM resin lenses with focal length adjustment according to one’s face contour and eyesight enhances the viewing experience.

Why we recommend it

*It includes a Single Hand Operation Bluetooth Gaming Remote with Joystick. Comfortable to hold & includes 8 gaming buttons along with a Joystick. It can also be used as a remote selfie clicker & as a wireless mouse for the smartphone.
*Keeping a Pro Gamer in mind, AuraVR Pro comes with professional grade head straps & breathable cushioning. Can be worn hours at a stretch without any feeling of fatigue. Easy access feature allows you to quickly open the lid to operate the phone without having to fully take it out of the headset.
*The detachable front lid to enable use with Augmented Reality Games & Apps. Open side slots to attach headphones & charging cable. Air vents for proper heat dissipation.

Circle VR set comes with a Bluetooth Remote.The best calibrated Virtual Reality headset with 42MM HD Resin lenses. VR glasses for leading mobile brands like Apple iPhone 6 and plus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oneplus, Moto, LG, Nexus, Google Pixel, LeEco le2 and other mobiles that have a gyroscope. From the largest VR headset sellers in India, it is a feature loaded VR headset that has an all-round appeal with focal adjustment, IPD control, ergonomic design and a stunning three-way headband that perfectly balances the VR headset.
Why we recommend it

*Adjustable strap makes you wear it comfortably
*HD Aspheric Biconvex Optical Resin lens
*Pupil distance adjust range is 55-67mm
*Object distance adjust range is 45-50mm

No need to remove your phone from the mobile holder panel to adjust the volume or preset the volume level before launching your VR experience. Utilize the external volume controller to easily increase and decrease the volume. The inbuilt Action buttons allow you to control apps without any external controllers or clippers.

Why we recommend it

*Procus PRO 100-120 Degree FOV with Highest Immersive Experience Inbuilt Headphones VR Headset
*Simply slide your device into the front panel and make adjustments according to the size of your phone. The adjustable and secure tray is suitable for phones of many different sizes.
*The mobile holder panel dissipates heat effectively. Extra levers or sockets are not needed to operate.
*By turning the knobs on either side of the device, you can perfectly customize the level for the best VR experience.
*Easily adjust the distance between you and your phone for the clearest, most comfortable experience. Move your phone closer or further from your eyes for the highest quality, HD viewing.

This VR set is undoubtedly the bestselling VR headset in the market. Packed with features like Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Remote, Augmented Reality Support, Supports up to 6 inches phones, Large 42 MM lenses, Adjustable Focal length, and IPD, Three-way head-strap and a non-sweating cushion for the comfortable viewing experience. Enjoy VR Games, Virtual Reality Tours, 360° Photos & Videos, 3D movies & the ever increasing selection of quality VR content via your smartphone. The PMMA optical resin lenses are 42mm in diameter & provide a spectacular cinema-like experience. Each lens can be adjusted individually to suit one’s eyesight.

Why we recommend it

*Circle VR Headset Virtual Reality 3D Glasses
*The adjustable strap makes you wear it comfortably
*HD Aspheric Biconvex Optical Resin lens
*Pupil distance adjust range is 55-67mm
*Object distance adjust range is 45-50mm

For a Virtual Reality Experience closest to reality and immersion like no other, get the Procus Pro VR Headset with built-in headphones.  While the fine quality PMMA lenses provide for a large field of vision, the inbuilt headphones provide for immersive sound for a wholesome experience.  What’s new about the ProcusPRO headset is its touch button controller that can be used to help assist in controlling the device externally without having to remove the headset. At Procus, we value your faith in us and attempt each time to give a fine quality experience. The ProcusPRO is made to last using the highest quality material for both- experience and immersion.

Why we recommend it

*Immersive sound and 3D vision are integrated into the Procus Pro, creating a wholesome experience. Earphones are adjustable to perfectly suit your preferences and come with soft memory foam for total noise cancellation. Made with high-quality materials, the soft padding fits comfortably over your ears for long-term wearing.
*Foam leather cushioning is soft allowing you to wear the device comfortably for longer periods of time. The light-weight device will conform perfectly to your face preventing any and all light from disrupting your VR experience. The padding is made from the highest quality material for added comfort and breathability.

Personal Recommendation

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of unique home appliances like VR set you buys because of money. Appreciated VR set is easily accessible on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you. AuraVR Pro Fully Adjustable VR Glasses Headset with Remote Controller is a worthwhile, performance oriented and a reasonable product. It is also sturdy and has a well-engineered design that will provide the best heart entertainment solutions for years to come.

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