Best Skipping ropes in India (Jumping ropes) 2018
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The Skipping ropes or jumping ropes are open of the most used and preferred fitness item in the world. They used far and wide by thousands of athletes in their daily fitness routine. Skipping ropes are used right in the kindergarten schools to old age by millions of people.

Skipping is considered a full body exercise because it involves almost all the parts of your body. Skipping rope exercise will burn almost 1200 calories of your body per hour.
Skipping exercises also put less pressure on your joints. And moreover skipping ropes can be carried easily compared to other gaming equipment anywhere you desire. There will be no person in the world who isn’t familiar with use of skipping ropes.

Best skipping ropes in India

Here is our list of some fine jumping ropes available in our country India.

1. Reebok speed rope – skipping rope

Reebok is a well-known and preferred brand for sports equipment in India. Reebok speed rope is a high quality skipping rope that is made to last for long-term usage. This rope is made of high quality material consisting of polymer, abs and PP plastic materials. Reebok speed rope is the best skipping rope in India right now.

Key features

*High quality plastic material
*Long lasting
*Attractive coloured rope
*329 cm length
*Fully adjustable for different heights.

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2. Everlast deluxe speed rope

Everlast is another top of the line best skipping rope in the market. The entire rope is made of plastic material making it very durable and strong. The plastic material makes it very light compared other ropes. The rope comes in attractive black colour.


*Light in weight
*Durable and long-lasting
*Best quality rope
*9 ft or 274 cm length

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3. Vector x skipping rope

Vector X is a free style skipping rope made of best quality nylon material. It has strong cable like structure and comes in black colour variant. The handles are made of slip material, which prevents slipping during high intensity work out.


*This skipping rope is fully adjustable
*Easy to carry and store
*The rope is made of nylon material and resists breakage
*Great sporty design
*Stylish look

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4.Adidas weighted pro skipping rope

Adidas weighted pro skipping rope is fully adjustable skipping rope. It is one of the best skipping ropes available in India. It comes in two colours blue and black. The mechanism is really advanced in this skipping rope compared of other ropes. Hence it has a higher price tag.


*Strong and durable rope
*Adjustable according to height
*Great design and looks
*275 cm in length

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Benefits of skipping

Skipping is beneficial to the human body in many aspects. Also there countless health benefits associated with skipping regularly.

1. Shape muscles

Skipping will shape muscles all across your body, the skipping targets muscles in your legs, stomach and other parts. Thus making them stronger better toned.

2. Save money

Skipping involves only purchasing the rope, rest of the part involves using it regularly of skip. Therefore this will save you a lot of money needed for gym memberships.

3. Improves your day

Skipping daily will help you feel more energetic and considerable help you feel more alive or active during the day time. Thus helping you stay more focused on your routine work.

4. Improves health and remain young

Skipping regularly can you attain healthier life style which can increase your life expectancy. Hence helping you remain healthy for a long time. It also helps you remain younger, so that you don’t suffer from the problem of ageing.

5. Prevent diseases

Jumping regularly can help you reduce diseases and prevent the risk of having cholesterol, blood pressure and also will help increase your bone density.

Final Word

We have reached the end of the article and will like to conclude by recommending Reebok skipping rope because it is a top brand and it is going to last longer. Also by having a good branded quality skipping rope can drive you to skip regularly and make good use of it.

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