Top 10 Best Scotch Whiskey Brands in India [2018 Price]
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There may be many vodka or wines comes in but Indians favorite will be whiskey only, for all time. Whiskey is more popular in China and Russia than India. India is 3rd biggest consumer of whiskey, despite the fact that many Indian states have alcohol prohibition law as well. There are many brands of whiskey available in India, but below mentioned 10 are the most popular.

Whiskey was basically derived from Scotland and the reason it is also called scotch. But not all whiskey is scotch, a whiskey which is produced in Scotland is known for scotch (its standard, which needs to be followed). Scotland’s around 42000 jobs are depended on whiskey manufacturing,  and brands like Diageo, pernod ricard, William grant and edrington group is producing 85% total whiskey in Scotland. But in India, those whiskey brands are hardly known, in India we have Mcdoland’s no.1, Royal Stage (RS), officer’s choice are more popular.

Do check out the top 10 brands of scotch whiskey below and try something new today;

Top 10 Best Scotch whiskey Brands in India

Below we have described the popular brands of scotch whiskey in India, their importance and how it tastes. We also have mentioned some of the brands ratings, price in india, do check out.

#1 McDowell’s No. 1

As the name suggest, McDowell’s is no.1 whiskey in india. It has been sold by United Spirits Limited (USL), was launched in 1968. It has been more popular than after in india and world, and comes up with many other variants as well. Variants like diet mate, reserve whiskey, and platinum whiskey (the most popular one). 19.5 million Cases were sold by McDowell’s in the year 2012, which shows how popular it is. It has also won gold medal in reader’s digest, 2006 year. McDowell’s brand has sponsored many musical shows and has good names associated with them as brand ambassador.

Price :- Rs.490 for 750 ML bottle.

#2 Officer’s Choice

Officer’s ChoiceOfficer’s Choice has been produced by allied blenders and distillers (ABD) which is owned by kishore chhabaria. It has been made by mixing Indian spirits and natural spirits, it has been sold around 18.1million cases in the year 2012.  It is one of the strongest whiskey in india, which is priced around Rs.540 for 750 ML bottle.

#3 Royal Stag

Royal StagPernod ricard which is biggest group in making whiskey is producing royal stag.  Royal stag was launched in the year 1995 in india, and it has used Indian spirits, and added scotch malts, makes it perfect in taste. Two companies, pernod ricard and Diageo, has takeover to seagram (which was distributing royal stag in india) in the year 2001. In the year 2012, royal stag has sold record break 14 million cases, which made it to list under “Top 100 Brands of Retail Value”.

Price :- Rs.280 for 750ML bottle.

#4 Imperial Blue

Imperial BlueImperial blue was also been owned by seagram (for india business), but later penrod ricard has owned seagram and Imperial blue and other whiskey brands goes to French company penrod ricard. Imperial blue was launched in the year 1997 in india by seagram. It has been made of Indian spirits as well as scotch malts. Imperial blue is also famous in india for their marketing campaign called “Men will be men”.

Price :- Rs.390 for 750 ML bottle.

#5 Old Tavern

Old TavernIn state like uttar Pradesh and bihar, and some of the Africa countries, old tavern is quite popular. In the year 2012, old tavern has sold around 11.6 million cases. It is one of the most affordable whiskey with Indian spirits, and which is been exported in all over the world.

Price: – Rs.300 for 750 ML.

#6 Bagpiper

BagpiperAnother one from United Spirits Ltd (USL), which is sub group of united breweries group, bagpiper was launched in the year 1976. In the year 2006, bagpiper whiskey has also won the award of reader’s gold award and also been named as “most trusted brand”. Bagpiper was also included in Top 100 brands of Impact international’s list. In the year 2012, Bagpiper has sold around 16 million cases.

Price :- Rs.280 for 750 ML bottle.

#7 Johnnie Walker

Johnnie WalkerJohnnie Walker is quite famous in international market but due taste and price issue, it has been less demanded in India. Johnnie Walker has been offering different flavors like red label, blue label,  black label and platinum label. For the 3 years, United States of America has awarded green label, and due to its strong taste, it has been now demanded in India too.

Price :- Rs.400 for 750 Ml bottle.

#8 Original Choice

Original ChoiceOne of the local brand of india which has got quite popular, original choice is produced in Goa, India by john distillers. In the year 2013, john distillers has won the case against allied blenders distillers in intellectual property appellate board, to use “original choice” name (as Allied blenders distillers has officer’s choice of similar name brand). In the year 2012, original choice has sold 10.9 million cases.

Price:- Rs.280 for 750 ML bottle.

#9 Haywards Fine

Haywards FineHaywards Fine is owned by united spirits ltd. It is one of the most popular and affordable whiskey brand. In the year 2012, this brand has sold around 7.1 million case, Haywards Fine is quite popular in African markets and middle east as well.

Price:- Rs.360 for 750 ML bottle.

#10 8 PM

8 PM8 PM is another Indian brand whiskey, which is owned by radico khaitan (earlier known as Rampur distillery and chemical company ltd), was launched in the year 1999. In the year 2013, 8 PM has sold around 4.9 million cases. 8PM scotch is known for its smooth and blended scotch taste.

Price :- Rs.250 for 750 ML bottle.

These are the scotch whiskey brands of India which are quite popular and has high demand. There is no competition between vodka, wine or whiskey (no doubt all of them are alcohol) but still each of them has different audience to drink, different demands and different purpose also (you know what i mean).

Hope our list will help you to get to know about popular whiskey brands in India. How many of these you have tried?

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