Top 10 Best Vodka Brands in India 2018 – Latest Price in India
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Mostly girls goes for Vodka because of the two reasons, one it taste very light because, it is made of potatoes and grains. And 2nd reason is that it contains only 30-35% of alcohol. But not only girls, Vodka is quite popular in boys too. It looks transparent (if not in any flavor), and the reason it is widely accepted. Where it comes from? Well, on this topic, we had many long debates but we come to know that vodka was derived from Poland and Russia. And the reason, in India too, international brands only famous, which are mostly imported.

In India, vodka is getting famous in all parties; in fact parties are never complete without vodka nowadays. Below we have mentioned top 10 vodka brands in India. Since there are many brands available in India of vodka, it’s quite tough to select one; we have chosen best vodka based on the taste and price. Red Wine lovers can check best brand of wine here.

Top 10 Best Vodka Brands in India 2018

#1 Grey Goose

The number and my personal favorite vodka brand is Grey goose. It does not made in india, its imported directly from France’s Bacardi limited. In the 1998, Grey goose has won platinum award at world spirits championship, named it “world’s best tasting vodka in the world”. This vodka is available in 5 different flavors, La poire, ‘L’ orange, Le citron, Cherry noir and grey goose regular.

Price :- 750 ML for Rs.6000/-.

#2 Belvedere

Belvedere comes from Poland, specially made in finest ryne of Poland. There are 3 flavors quite famous in india of Belvedere, Belvedere Red, Belvedere Silver and Belvedere Intense. It contains 40% alcohol, and despite that, its quite famous in world wide. Indian market mostly goes for Brand name and Belvedere name is quite popular now. It definitely cost less than Grey goose but has good taste as well.

Price: – Rs.5600 for 700 ML.

#3 Absolut Vodka

Absolut VodkaAbsolut vodka is available in almost 7 flavors in india and is quite famous for its taste to bottle design as well. Absolut was made by prenod ricard ABD of Sweden and is quite old brand.  This brand is available in Absolut 100, Absolut peach, Absolut pepper, Absolut citron, Absolut mandarin and Absolut kurant.

Price: – Rs.2000 for 750 ML. It contains 40% alcohol.

#4 Smirnoff

SmirnoffSmirnoff vodka is produced by British company Diageo, which has won Gold Medal at world spirit award, San Francisco. It taste mostly as the name suggest, Smirnoff vanilla. But also available in Smirnoff green apple, Smirnoff orange,  and Smirnoff lime. It is one of the most affordable vodka brand in india.

Price :- Rs.995 for 750 ML.

#5 Wodka Gorbatschow

Wodka GorbatschowIn 2006, Wodka Gorbatschow has won monde selection gold award. This amazing tasted vodka is made in Berlin, Germany. Apart from the default basic flavour, Wodka Gorbatschow is also available in Green apple, vanilla, and orange flavor too. In india, it is imported mostly and has good demand of this vodka brand.

Price:- Rs.690 for 750 ML.

#6 Eristoff

EristoffEristoff comes from Georgia, has good demand in india and priced very less. It is available in Eristoff Original, Eristoff Green and Eristoff Apple. This brand of vodka is papered by Bacardi- martini after 3 stage filtration. In india, mostly distributed in bottled form. It contains 42% of alcohol.

Price :- Rs.800 for 750 ML.

#7 Vladivar

Vladivar vodkaQuality wise no one can beat Vladivar vodka, as it is made of 100% grain. It produced by united breweries house. Vladivar vodka is available in 3 flavors, green apple, Lemon Zest, and Orange Zest. You can have it with any Indian dishes, perfectly awesome taste. It contains 40% alcohol.

Price :- Rs.600 for 750 ML.

#8 Magic Moments

Magic MomentsThis vodka is made in india, at Radico khitan group. And this brand is being exported internationally too, and has very much good demand in india as well. In the year 2010, Magic Moments has won monde selection (Gold medal).  This vodka is available in six flavor, lemon grass, chocolate, raspberry, Green apple, orange, and lemon. It has 38% of alcohol.

Price :- Magic Moments available at Rs.370 for 750 ML.

#9 Romanov Vodka

Romanov VodkaAnother vodka from the united breweries house, who has won 2 star ratings from international taste and quality institute. Romanov is available in four flavor, apple, orange, lemon and premium flavors. It contains 43% of alcohol.

Price :- Rs.453 for 750 ML.

#10 White Mischief

White MischiefVery known brand and quite affordable vodka brand in India, White Mischief which is again produced form the United breweries Group.  It has got 3 star taste ratings, its high quality vodka. It has got gold certificate from international Spirituosen Wettbewerb, in the year 2007. White Mischief is available in Green Apple + cinnamon, ultra-pure and mango + mint flavor. All flavor contains strawberry flavors as well and the reason, it is quite popular in women’s of India.

Price: – Rs.455 for 750 ML.

These are the most famous and widely accepted Best Vodka Brands in India. We have chosen them on the basis of user feedback and price in India.

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