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If you are currently in the market for one of the top hoverboard, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a few times: What is the best hoverboard to buy?

There are many excellent hoverboard models on the market right now, and we’ve reviewed many of them here. Finding a good hoverboard brand isn’t difficult, but to get the most out of your personal transporter, it’s best to take the time to figure out which hoverboard is the best for you.

So how do you go about finding the right self-balancing scooter?

In order to answer that question, you need to know a few basic things about hoverboards. These are the things you need to keep in mind when purchasing an electric drifter. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what do I need to know about hoverboards?’ This article is for you.

Top 10 Hoverboards in India 2019

1.SWAGTRON T5 Hoverboard

Features :

Ideal for entry level riders
It comes with a speed of 7 mph and a battery indicator 
It has a learning mode for beginners
It supports user weight up to 187.4 Lbs
The overall product weight is just 18.9 Lbs

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Features :

Ideal for everyone
It comes with a speed of 12 mph and has a battery life indicator
It supports maximum user weight upto 190 kg
For supporting your feet it comes with a metal guard
It has a 10″ rugged tubeless tires

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3.Razor 15155010 Hoverboard

Features :

UL 2272 Electrical and fire safety certified
It comes with a speed of 8+ mph which runs on a 350 watts motor
It can bear maximum user weight up to 220 lbs
Once charged it will give you 60 mins of continuous use
It comes with a battery life indicator and 2 riding modes

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4.SWAGTRON T5 Hoverboard (White)

Features :

Suitable for entry level riders
It comes with maximum speed of 7mph
It has a learning mode for beginners and a battery life indicator
It can support maximum user weight upto 187.4 lbs
The overall weight of product is just 18.9 lbs

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Features :

Suitable for every rider and UL 2272 Electrical and fire safety certified
It can reach speed up to 20 km/hr
It has a 10 inch rugged tubeless tires 
It has a battery indiactor for checking the battery’s life status
Fast charging in just 2 to 3 hours

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6.CXM R2-Hoverboard UL 2272

Features :

UL 2272 Electrical and fire safety certified
It comes with a speed of 12 mph with a dual 250w powerful motor
It has a 6.5″ vacuum tyre, battery life indicator and 3 riding modes
Fast charging in 2-3 hours
It includes features such as LED headlights, rubber bumpers and smart phone application technology

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7.Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard

Features :

Ideal for entry level riders
It can reach maximum speed up to 12.5 km/hr with 150 watt dual motor
It can support maximum riders weight between 44 to 220 lbs
Fast charging in just 2 hours
It has a 6.5 inch rubber tires with 3 riding modes

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8.KPH Self-Balancing Scooters

Features :

Connect your mobile device or laptop through bluetooth
It can reach max speed up to 12 km/hr
It has 6.5 inch rubber tyres
Fast charging in just 2 hours
It has a dual 250 watt motor and can carry riders weight up to 120 kg

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9.SWAGTRON T1 Hoverboard – (Red)

Features :

The product UL 2272 electrical and fire safety certified
It can reach speed up to 8 mph and has 250 watt motor
It can support maximum riders weight up to 220 lbs
Comes with a battery life indicator and 2 riding modes
It includes features such as LED headlight and rubber bumpers

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10.SWAGTRON T1 Hoverboard – (White)

Features :

Ul 2272 electrical and fire safety certified
It can carry maximum riders weight upto 100 kg
It can reach maximum speed upto 14 km/hr and has a 250 Watt motor
The product has a battery indicator & 2 riding modes
It includes features such as rubber bumpers and LED headlights

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Types of Hoverboards

When shopping for the top hoverboards, there are two main designs you will run into. The traditional hover board and the single wheel designs.


This consists of two boards, with a wheel on the end of each board. The two boards are connected together with a hinge in the center, allowing the wheels to move independently of each other.

To operate one of these devices, you simply need to stand on the pressure sensitive footpads, then lean forward to move forward or lean backwards to move backwards. To turn, you simply need to put more pressure on one foot. This makes that side accelerate faster than the other, turning the personal transporter.

To turn right, put more pressure on your left foot. To turn left, put more pressure on your right foot. As confusing as these instructions might seem at first, it only take a few minutes of riding for them to become second nature.

It is worth nothing that some traditional hover boards have controls that vary slightly from what we have described above.

Single Wheel

This is another common hoverboard design you will find on the market. These typically only come with one wheel — even though there are some models that come with two wheels — that is located in the center of the board. Each side of the board has pressure sensitive foot pads with which you control the device.

Becoming proficient with a single wheel personal transporter requires a little more effort than traditional hoverboards, but these can be just as much fun. Most users become comfortable with them in less than an hour.

What to look for Before Buying a Hoverboard ?

Size of the wheel

As with any other case of wheeled transportation, the size of the wheels affect the performance of any hoverboard. Smaller wheels tend to be more efficient, especially on smooth surfaces, but they are not particularly good for uneven surfaces since this can create conditions where some parts of the wheel isn’t in contact with the ground, leading to a loss of stability.

Smaller wheels also make it harder for the hover board to go over obstacles like speed bumps and potholes.

Most of the earlier self-balancing scooter models came with small wheels, but 8” and 10” wheels are now becoming the norm. Of course, bigger wheels means a bulkier – and heavier – hoverboard, but these offer lots of added benefits.

For starters, bigger wheels offer more stability, and they perform significantly better on uneven and soft surfaces. Most personal transporters with 10” wheels even perform well on grass or carpet.

The 10” is as big as you can go right now when it comes to traditional hands-free hoverboards, but, if you want something bigger when you’re searching for the best hoverboard, you can always go with a single wheel hoverboard like AirWheels.

These typically come with wheels that are anywhere from 11.5 – 14 inches in diameter. That means hover boards with a single wheel perform efficiently on many different surfaces, and the fact they operate off one wheel makes it easier to maintain control and stability when riding on uneven surfaces. That includes bumps and potholes. Heck, advanced users can even jump up curbs with these.

The Maximum Weight it can Carry

When going through the top quality hoverboards, something you want to keep an eye out for is the max load. That’s right, these things can only carry so much weight. The maximum weight a personal transporter can carry is generally related to the wheel size. Electric drifters with smaller wheel sizes tend to have low max weights, while the opposite holds true for hover boards with large wheels.

Some hoverboards are designed for kids, and will struggle with anything close to 200 pounds, while others can carry as much as 265 pounds with ease.

While you’re going over the max weight of the personal transporter you have your eyes on, check out the weight of the device as well. This is also related to the size of the wheels. Self-balancing scooters with smaller wheels tend to be lighter, while those with large wheels can easily reach the 30 pound mark.

Obviously, not everyone can easily tote around 30 pounds, so you either have to find a personal transporter that is light enough for you to carry around, or purchase a carrying case to make things easier.

The Top Speed

Well duh! If you’re shopping for the perfect hoverboard, the top speed is obviously one of the things you want to consider. It should be noted that faster isn’t always better when shopping for a hoverboard.

For example, if you are shopping for a hover board for your kids, you don’t necessary want to go with the fastest model you can find. You’ll need to use your discretion to figure out if your kids are responsible, and skilled, enough to handle one of the faster personal transporter models.

On the other hand, if you have a need for speed, then you probably wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than one of the fastest self-balancing scooters.

Generally speaking, anything over 10 miles per hour is considered to be fast, while the average speed for good segway brands revolves around 5 miles per hour.

The Range

It’s equally important to go over the range when shopping for the best hoverboard to buy. The standard range tends to be around 12-20 miles on a full battery charge. Obviously, the amount of travelling you plan to do regularly with your personal transporter determines the range you need to address your needs.

The Charging System

Here’s something else you want to take a look at when going through the top hoverboards. Some models come with charging systems that take about four hours to fully charge the battery, while the top models come with rapid chargers that can take the battery from low to fully charged within an hour.

Obviously, the charging time determines how long you have to wait when your personal transporter runs out of juice.

Extra Features

Many good hoverboard brands come with extra features that make them stand out from others on the market. That can be anything from Bluetooth speakers that can play music directly from your smartphone, to remote controls for the device. Some hover boards even come within inbuilt GPS systems.

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