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Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers Bands 2018 in India– Reviews & Ratings
01 August 2018 IST
Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers Bands 2018 in India– Reviews & Ratings
Are you one of those fitness enthusiasts? Here we are reviewing the Best Fitness Bands on the Indian market, which will surely help you keep a track of your overall health and fitness. These fitness bands are capable of monitoring and tracking information of your daily activity such as the step counts, distance, covered, and the calories burnt throughout the day.

Apart from all that, they further offer more exciting features for daily life such as alarm notifications and also support the notifications like incoming call, WhatsApp, and other social media applications. Therefore, this fitness band review is going to help you choose the best choice while purchasing one from the market.

Top 10 Best Fitness Bands in India

The Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 is a really stylish and effective fitness band that helps you to keep a track of your daily activity cycle along with other mobility parameters. This fitness band from Huawei monitors the calories you burn in a day, the overall steps you take during the day, and the distance covered by you. It further tracks the information about your sleep and sets smart alarms. Using it you may even get notifications from the apps installed on your smartphone like WhatsApp.


*Offers bold style and seamless comfort to the user
*Comprises of an inbuilt GPS for accurate data
*Integrated workout coach maximizes your performance
*Keeps a track of your heart-rate for staying healthy
*The soothing lights guide your breathing process

This IP67 verified fitness band is waterproof and can be worn while you swim. It monitors the heart rate and makes use of the latest Dynamic system to keep a track of your heart beat, which is pretty precise and further dependable as compared to several other smart bands available in the market since a majority of fitness band utilize the static algorithms. When it is paired to your smartphone, it readily provides you all the notifications so that you don’t miss any important info.


*Dynamic blood pressure and heart rate tracker
*Monitors your activity and mobility throughout the day
*IP67 verified to make it suitable for use while swimming
* Get instant notifications from your installed applications
*Thimble clip on charging offers long standby time

The Yogg HR from Portronics helps the user to monitor their heart rate along with the levels of activity to enhance the levels of fitness and health. This is an ultimate present for your parents or your dear ones. Owing to the built-in 3-axis accelerometer instrument, this fitness band screen illuminates once move your arm up to glance at the screen. You might as well rotate its screen as per your required orientation for utmost convenience.


*Measures your heart rate whenever you want
*Stay connected in a pretty stylish and innate manner
*Magnetic charger to charge the device quickly
*Withstands any weather condition with IP67 verification
*Offers most efficient energy conservation with Bluetooth 4.0

This Bluetooth Smart Band from Kross is the fitness band offering the most innovative technology. It provides you with features such as the Pedometer, Heart Rate Tracker, Distance, Calories Burnt, Anti-Theft, etc. to assist you during your busy every day routine. It is the ideal buddy who is going to track you along with your health prompting and offering instant updates. Its inbuilt sensor is capable of tracking the distance covered, steps taken, hours of activity, and calories burnt during the day.


*Prepared with skin-friendly, flexible yet strong material
*Offers longer battery life owing to Bluetooth 4.0
*Tracks activity levels to achieve amazing fitness goals
*Offers vibrating alerts for calls and calendar reminders
*Check your online chart showing sleep trend

The Misfit Ray fitness band is one of the nominal and multipurpose trackers on out listing. It provides a fantastic sleep and fitness tracker in case you require staying interested, with the step counter, distance covered, calories burnt, activity labeling, and the quality and duration of sleep. It similarly never requires any charging and is water-resilient up to 50m, so the band might be worn continuously. This signifies that the tracker is going to acquire more info, superior insights, and influential inspiration.


*Works using button cells doesn’t need to be charged
*Crafted with aluminum providing a lighter design
*The fitness band tracks everything that require monitoring
*Can be worn with several kinds of wrist accessories
*Allows you to set alarms and get notifications instantly

Using this fitness band from Captcha, you can track down your physical mobility or activity rate in real-time by using mobile apps; monitor the results of jogging, running, and walking. This bracelet or fitness band is capable of spontaneously identify whether you are deep asleep, in sleep, and the light time so as to summarize the sleep time and assist the users to keep a track of the quality of sleep. The band tracks your sleeping pattern, works as a pedometer, and works nicely with Apple Health apps.


*Offers durable and consistent performance to the user
*Compatible with a majority of devices on the market
*Aluminum alloy metallic surface to augment safety
*Ultra-thin 8mm battery works is very long-lasting
*Comes with an effective phone unlocking feature

The Mi Band HRX Edition is a limited edition fitness band that comprises of all the latest features and specifications that a user looks out for. Coming with the stylish and bold HRX engraved band, this fitness band has become an ultimate choice for a majority of users. The band has been verified with IP67, which signifies that it is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes in 1m water. The lithium polymer battery works for a really longer time and helps you to keep away from charging the unit repeatedly.


*Comprises of the latest and innovative pedometer algorithm
*Offers an OLED display along with a touch panel
*The smart technology responds to your movements
*Unlocking this Mi band is just a fingerprint away
*The locking ring reliably fixes the tracker device

This Cardio Max fitness band keeps a track of the Steps, Distance, Calories, and the Time of your walk. This is a unisex band watch for tracking fitness, which is Bluetooth compatible and offers call alerts. It is capable of performing App Synchronization using which you will be able to sync information about your health using Veryfit for Heart mobile application available on Google Play. This fitness band plus activity tracker comprises of a highly endurable TPU Strap that is resistant to water as well as sweat.


*Unisex design coupled up with full touch display
*Watch compatible wrist band like activity tracker
*Comes with a soft and skin-friendly durable strap
*Bluetooth compatible with app synchronization function
*Takes just 30 minutes to charge fully using a USB charger

The next fitness band is from Iwown, which is a limited edition product providing several exciting features. It is Bluetooth and Android 4.4 or above compatible and comes in curved frame design concept. It comprises of a curved bottom which might be snugged to your skin, which helps in providing the comfort you need while training. It works as your personal assistant and boosts your efficiency. Additionally, it displays incoming calls and vibrates your wrist when you get one.


*Highlighted OLED display comes with a touchscreen
*8 pieces of messages can be stored at a time
*Offers 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring
*Comes with an intelligent exercise recognizer
*Tracks how long and how well you sleep in a day

The Finaux M2 fitness band is water-resistant tracker, which is Blutooth compatible and comprises of an effective heart rate monitor. It is readily compatible with the devices offering Bluetooth version 4.0 or below, and also tablets that work on Android or iOS. It comprises of features like call functionality, which allows you to connect or disconnect calls. Using this band, you may also receive and send text messages, which are solely supported by android smartphones for which you require downloading an application.


*Comes with Bluetooth and heart rate sensor
*Displays the current power level at every instant
*The 0.42-inch OLED display fits your wrist perfectly
*Offers outstanding resistance to any sort of abrasion
*Effectively keeps a track of your overall fitness and health

Personal Suggestion

Since we have now reviewed all the best fitness bands that are available on the Indian market both online and offline. This churned down listing of the finest activity trackers is going to help our users to choose the best option as per their budget and requirement. The fitness bands that we have listed here are all effective and user-friendly models that are going to provide the best functionality along with the ease-of-use.

In case, there are users who are still finding it a bit dicey while choosing a fitness band, then they can readily go with our personal recommendation and we are certain that you won’t come across any difficulty in the future. So, the fitness band that we suggest our users to buy is the Mi Band – HRX Edition, which is available for a very reasonable price and is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablets.

If you aren’t fond of Mi products or don’t want to buy the Mi Band for any other reason then, the JSB Cardio Max HF120HR Fitness Band Watch is going to do the work for you. Additionally, it has been covered with a JSB national warranty for a period of 1-year and offers every kind of alerts as well as sensors.

Why Do We Need To Buy A Fitness Band Or A Fitness Tracker?

Exercising is a fundamental necessity of our being. The entire health schedule is going to endorse you to catch in the least bit of action at any time frame during the course of the day. There are plentiful reasons so as to why we here recommend you to purchase a fitness band or tracker to rate your workouts.

Our inspirations are exclusive to us on all occasions. You might discover it is a superior challenge to equate your growth with the other people using the device. Another reason is that you would like to spread out to a farther extent on grounds of what you achieved yesterday, and with that being the case, you are able to stretch your limits. Whatsoever it might be, you will be able to find a fitness band that is going to match your purpose effortlessly.

Furthermore, hitting the gym may not be the finest experience for every person or the other. Whilst it is a superior choice in case you are hooked on building your muscle mass, for the people working out first and foremost for losing weight, a jog in the morning or evening might be a healthier option owing to its isolation. A lot of people are going to make you uncomfortable and a fitness band or tracker has been primarily fabricated to serve that purpose. You acquire all the additional data together with the appropriate ones that enhance the efforts you put in on an emotional level.

For the athletes, who are putting in efforts to hit the level of a half-marathon, the exercises, aims, and tips provided by the fitness bands allow you to select your limits individually. You might as well keep a track of the distance you cover progressively. It works pretty well in case you are trying to re-enter the platform following a really long couch-trotted gap.

The finest aspect regarding these fitness bands is that they synchronize your workout to your mobile phone by means of the Bluetooth. They work in an automatic manner and don’t require worrying about managing those applications on the go. The even superior fact is that the trackers monitor not only your activity level but further, they track down your inactivity.

Additionally, at present, you don’t require going to the laboratory near your place to monitor your sleeping pattern any longer, since the fitness bands are going to notify you in case you had a healthy sleep last night or not. A fitness band or tracker is going to inform you regarding the patterns of your sleep, permitting you to resolve your difficulties, which is going to keep you fit in every single way you can.

So, in case, you want to keep a track of your fitness and health on a regular basis and further achieve the bodybuilding or weight loss goals that you have planned for your body, then buying a fitness band or tracker from the ones listed above is a must.

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Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

November 28, 2016 05:00 IST
Shibu Chandran
2 hours ago

Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

November 28, 2016 05:00 IST
Shibu Chandran
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Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

November 28, 2016 05:00 IST

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