The 10 Best Wall Fans In India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide
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Wall mount fans are ideal for giving your room cool and make consumer feel relax and cozy. These days mount fans are most talked about the high-tech appliance. These mount fans are cost-effective, efficient in use, safe and quite simple and easy to install with contemporary design and premium quality. They come with robust speed and certainly secure the temperature of the room since you can have it speed setting fixed with remote control speed.

We’re living in the age of variety and here’s why there are various brands to choose from. There are some with good quality, whereas other comes with substandard. The best part about mount fan is that they’re easy on installing and it’s not all difficult to organize them. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, the final appeal is about the performance. Save yourself from the scorching heat this summer and not let extreme temperature destroy your beautiful day and plans. Here are the top 10 best wall-mounted fans in 2019 reviews.

Best Wall Mounted Fan in India – Reviews

Havells needs no introduction in the world of Home and kitchen appliances. Give your room a new look with Havells Platina 400mm remote Wall Fan and enhance the look of your room. They are specially made bearing in mind the style, cooling, design and power efficiency. It comes with fan motors, blade set, and twisted wire along with a guarantee card. The design made by the makers is fit as per the user’s requirement and pocket. Their products are quite cost-effective and qualitative in nature.


• It comes with Jerk free oscillation and smooth running
• It is Aerodynamically designed balanced heavy duty PP blades
• Superior low voltage performance
• Speed: 1350 RPM
• Air Delivery speed is 72 CMM

There is no wonder Havells has become India’s most promising makers of home appliances. Their special range is quite famous among the users. Havells Swing Dzire is made with progressive technology with modern design. It comes with an elegantly designed fan base that easily blends with any type interiors.  Moreover, the five transparent blades of the fan add to its appeal. These fans deliver excellent performance despite having astonishingly low energy consumption. Thanks to its rotational speed of 1350 RPM and air delivery of 50 CMM, you easily enjoy cool breeze with this Havells Wall fan.


• 300 millimeters sweep
• It comes with an elegantly designed fan base
• It comes with additional 5 leaf transparent AS blade
• It is designed in a stylish yet contemporary look
• Pull cord control for speed and oscillation
• Speed: 1350 RPM
• Air Delivery: 50 CMM
• It is powered by 50 W
• The product comes with 2 years warranty

The Havells Ciera cabin fan range is one of the best appliances from the house of Havells that gives a fresh and windy occurrence in the room. These cabin fans are known for letting you grab cool air from almost any inclination in the cabin while you’re sitting in your office space. It is made with keeping safety feature in mind. It comes with gyroscopic movement to provide proper air movement throughout the room. On a safety front, it also functions a robust outer grill. This wall mountable Havells cabin fan comes with a speedy motor that performs excellently.


• Speedy motor
• Robust outer grill as a safety feature
• It comes with unique gyroscopic movement
• Grill for protection
• Ideal for mounting on low height ceiling and cabin
• The product comes with 2 years warranty

Havells mounted fan is eco-friendly as it can be easily mounted in any corner of a room to offer air flow to the entire room. This fan comes with a strong motor which is capable of providing fast fan speeds to make an idealistic selection of your home and office. It comes with a stylish and powerful base that comes with all controls accessible and makes it easy to use. It’s not only good on performance and looks stylish placed in your home.


• It comes with 120 ribs guard
• It pull cord control for speed and oscillation on-off
• It is aerodynamically intended and balanced blades
• Speed: 1330 RPM
• Air Delivery: 45 CMM
• It comes with Jerk free oscillation and smooth running
• Sleekly designed balanced heavy duty PP blades

This electric wall fan from Orient comes with two years warranty with motor, bracket assembly, blade guards. It offers RPM 1330 usage in watts 53 Air movement in m3/Hour 5060. It comes with huge gloss finishing on its blades which are coated for an extra shield against oxidization and corroding. It offers an apt combination of looks and design with your interiors without any hassles and at the same time improving your home.


• Orient Wall Fan 16″ white
• 3 Blade Wall Fan white Color
• The product comes with two-year warranty
• RPM 1330
• Great combination of looks and design

Crompton HiFlo Wave is one of the best appliances from the house of Crompton that gives a fresh and windy occurrence in the room. This Wall mount Fan is known for letting you grab cool air from almost any inclination in the cabin while you’re at home or office. It comes with gyroscopic movement to provide proper air movement throughout the room. On a safety front, it also functions a robust outer grill. This wall mountable Crompton wall mount fan comes with a speedy motor that performs outstandingly.


• It comes with plastic body and base
• Blades made of plastic for elegant look
• It comes with Sleek speed control panel
• Sweep: 400mm
• Speed: 1300 RPM
• Air Delivery: 70 CU M/Min
• It comes with two years warranty
• It is powered by 50W

The Crompton Trendz Wall Fans are one of the most talked about additions in their current range of fans. These days’ wall fans are famous, in trend, popular because of convenience they provide. This range is great for perfect hot Indian weather conditions. It is a portable and convenient fan that can easily be moved anywhere as it comes with its own plastic base and body.


• It comes with plastic body and base
• The blades made of plastic for modern look
• It is sleek speed control panel
• Sweep: 400mm
• It offers a decent speed: 1300 RPM

Bring Havells Birdie Personal Fan home this summer season and add a dash of glamour to your home or office space. Since its multi-purpose, you can place it anywhere like Kitchen while cooking or at work near your desk. It comes with 2 strong pole capacitor type motor that gives you a potent explosion of air at a speed of 2800rpm, this fan will give you quick cooling. If you are probing for a smooth personal fan, then the Havells versatile fan is certainly an ideal space.


• Aerodynamically designed 3 leaf ABS blade with aerofoil section for maximum air efficiency
• Unique rocker design to allow 360-degree rotation of fan head both in horizontal and vertical plane
• Elegant spiral mesh guard with guard ring adorned with show cap gives a touch of grace
• Multiuse fan suitable for use as desk, wall or cabin/deck mounted application

It is ideal for home or offices with compact sizes; they come with extraordinary cooling solutions as compare to the ceiling fans. Cabin fans are sleekly in look, cost-effective, save space and give fancy look to your home or office space. The Bajaj 300 mm Ultima Cabin Fan is a safe cooling solution that reassures ultimate comfort, uniform air delivery, resilience, and less power consumption.


• A seek and elegant fan
• Superior technology for enhanced air thrust
• Exclusive pivot arrangement for tilting
• Aerodynamically designed PP blades
• Sweep: 200mm
• 2300 RPM
• Air Delivery: 50 CMM
• The product comes with one year warranty
• It is powered by 48W

Personal Recommendation

I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose oven Wall Fan for your home and still if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion then go with Havells Platina 400mm Remote Wall Fan. It has 3.3-star ratings on the Amazon and all great features that make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you'll not regret buying this Wall Fan oven ever.

During Indian hot summer season air conditioning is vital for maintaining temperatures. Moreover, cost and size are the initial elements on which application one will work. Any huge space air conditioner is costly to purchase and quite easy to maintenance. Hence wall mount fans are most perfect one to go with.  They’re cheap, sleek and easy to maintain and above all, they’re energy efficient.

Apart from Mount fans, ceiling fans are most underrated home appliance when it comes to electricity consumption. Generally, people focus on lighting fittings to fix their high electricity bills but they don’t realize the fact that fans consume more power than lights. Just to shed some light on the matter, a regular ceiling fan consumes around 75W as compared to a normal tube light that consumes 55W. Likewise, a ceiling fan is used during the day and night while a light is used only throughout the night. In entirety ceiling fans ingests more than thrice the amount of power in comparison to lights.

However, most people ignore power consumption of ceiling fans while buying them. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE in India started rating ceiling fans a couple of years back and since then the makers have started rating fans on their energy efficiency. It also helps the consumer to decide which fan to go with based on their energy rating. No wonder it is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to making a buying decision.

Mounting fans help to circulate air and it is one of the biggest heavy duty air circulation fan that it circulates or moves the air. In closed space areas where the air is not moved properly, it becomes stagnant. This makes space feel warmer and cause odors in closed spaces.

Placing mounted fans in these locations can help keep the space cool, minimize the amount of power consumption. It again helps air to move, another harmful substance present in the air with fumes and gases which contaminates the environment.

Placing wall mounted fans in the proper locations can help keep the space cool; minimizing the amount of electricity you have to spend to cool the area. It also helps air to move, pushing chemical fumes or other bad warehouse odors and contaminants out the door. This can make the surroundings safer and more comfortable for your loved ones or employees.

Wall Fan Buying Guide

When the summer heat arrives, and the days become suffocating, it is best to have a good ally. Have a good fan that circulates the ambient air, and produces that refreshing sensation.

In cases where space is a problem, ideally a wall fan will work. These are installed directly on the wall, so they do not need a foot or pedestal that occupies a space on the floor.

The fan wall has the drawback that needs to be installed on the wall because it does not have a foot or pedestal on which to lean.

But this disadvantage is also its advantage, since it is ideal in places where there is no space on the floor to place it. And also, in those places where there is a possibility that it may be stolen.

What is a wall fan?

The wall fan is a fan that is characterized by having no base, foot or pedestal to support it on the ground. This type of fan needs to be installed on a wall, so we are talking about a fixed situation fan.

You will find that there is a great multitude of models of this type of fans. You have large, small wall fans, with remote control, for bathroom, industrial style, and vintage

How to Choose a Wall Fan?

It is not difficult to buy a wall fan when you know what you need.  If you got here, it's because you're going to buy a fixed wall fan. But before thinking about where to buy a wall fan, you should think about where you want to place it and what features you need.

We see the key factors that you must take into account when choosing the best wall fan for you.

Where do you want to locate the fan?

Although it seems obvious, the first thing you have to be clear about is where you are going to place your wall fan.

The characteristics of the stay will determine the characteristics of the wall fan you need. It is not the same to look for a fan for the dining room, where a ceiling fan with light would be ideal, than a bathroom wall fan.

Pay attention to the characteristics of wall fans to choose the one that’s most appropriate. Thus, you will avoid buying a fan that later does not meet your expectations.

Brand of the fan

We advise you that the first thing to look at is the wall fan brand. If you opt for the good brands, you may pay a little more, but you will almost certainly get a quality product. In addition, consolidated brands tend to have an excellent customer service, as well as spare parts for their products.

If you choose to buy a little known brand fan, you may find cheaper prices. But keep in mind that possibly it is in exchange for a lower quality of the product.

Size and Power

The characteristics that you should notice are the size and power. Both are related, since larger, more powerful.

These two factors also determine the energy consumption. Although, these types of fans usually have fairly moderate electricity consumption, most models tend to be between 20 and 80 watts (W).

Air flow

Completely related to the previous point, the flow or air flow generated by the fan will vary depending on its size / power. But other factors also come into play, such as the number of blades, or the quality of the product itself.

Having thought about where you are going to install it, look for a fan that suits your needs accordingly. It does not make sense to place a fan with a large air flow, if you are going to install it next to the desk in your office, for example.

Silent wall fan

This feature is one of the most valued among customers. Think that the most normal thing is that the fan is working for many hours a day. If the generated noise is excessive, then the damage will be more than the benefit.

Speeds and Oscillation

We also advise you to buy a fan with a selector of different speeds. This feature provides much more versatility when using it. You can use it when you only need a gentle breeze, but also those moments when you need maximum power.

With the oscillation function, the same thing happens. Having the option to leave it fixed, or put it in oscillatory mode,   provides great flexibility, allowing greater use of the wall fan.

Remote control

We recommend that you buy a wall fan with remote control. Today we all know how comfortable it is to have a remote control to control the device lying on your couch or in your bed.

Guarantee and other opinions

Finally, we advise you to look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer of your product. It is a clear sign of the quality of the device. When the manufacturer does not offer more than a few months warranty, you know that the wall fan will surely not last for years.

On the other hand, reading the reviews or opinions of other customers who have already bought the device, can give you enough clues of what you will find.

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