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History of Prisons

From the birth of modern civilization in 3rd millennia BC, almost every major ancient civilization used concept of prisons as a mean to detain and remove personal freedom...

2 years ago . 309 views

How India Became Poor

Global market forces, colonization, and the decline of India’s empires led to the world’s mightiest economy becoming one of its poorest

1 year ago . 329 views

Afghanistan: The Legacy of the British Empire. A Brief History

A brief review of the recent history of Afghanistan explains some of the background pertaining to today’s crisis in the country.

2 years ago . 206 views


India of the past was a world leader in both the sacred and the secular. Modern achievements seem to just exaggerate what India achieved before the invasions. What Indian...

1 year ago . 285 views

Battle Of Saragarhi - Where 21 Sikh Soldiers Killed 600 Afghans In The Greatest Last Stand Ever

Those who were fascinated with the movie '300' would be even more impressed by what a group of 21 young Sikh men did in the Battle of Saragarhi.

1 year ago . 466 views

The Incredible Story Of Chanakya’s Revenge Which Brought Down An Entire Empire

He was a pioneer of political science and economics. A man who won battles using his brain. He helped establish the Mauryan Empire. But before he helped Chandragupta take...

1 year ago . 480 views

The History of International Women's Day
2 years ago . 357 views

How Measles Helped Destroy the Hawaiian Monarchy

The death of King Kamehameha II and Queen Kamamalu was a harbinger of disaster.

1 year ago . 336 views

Chanakya's end: The bizzare death

According to a legend which is a later jaina invention, while Chanakya served as the Prime Minister of Chandragupta Maurya, he started adding small amounts of poison in C...

1 year ago . 299 views

17 Inspiring Last Words From Steve Jobs and Other Great Leaders

Someday, we're all going to die. Be sure to read this first. If you're a parent, you remember the first words your children ever said. My brother's f...

1 year ago . 257 views

How to insult in sign language:
5 months ago . 176 views

5 Best External Hard Disks (1TB) in India
1 year ago . 430 views

The Partition of Bengal: Supported by all sections of Bengali Hindus to protect their own lives and identity

The study of history is for learning the right course of action to unveil a bright future. West Bengal was founded as a homeland for Hindu Bengalis. No Bangladeshi Muslim...

4 months ago . 169 views

Interesting Facts About Navratri That We All Must Know

Navratri is here, and everyone has geared up to celebrate it with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Wherever you will go, you are going to find lights, huge pandals, idols of M...

2 years ago . 255 views

Roopkund lake, The lake of skeletons…….

” The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page. “

1 year ago . 233 views

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Review
1 year ago . 349 views

13 February 1931: New Delhi became the capital of India

New Delhi, the capital city, had its foundation stone laid by George V, the then Emperor of India. The event took place in the Delhi Durbar of 1911. The city’s arch...

2 years ago . 260 views

The convoluted history of Christmas

December 25 will see most Christians celebrating Christmas. However, Armenians, an orthodox branch of Christianity, will be celebrating it on January 6. Read on to know a...

5 months ago . 113 views

It`s a man`s world: Women scarce in Nobel Prize annals

While the number of women Nobel laureates has risen in recent decades -- from just four between 1901, the first year of the prizes, and 1920 to 19 between 2001 and 2017 -...

2 years ago . 171 views

Sachin Tendulkar First Interview
2 years ago . 593 views

How Did Acharya Chanakya Die?

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial we have seen how the enemies of Magadh and Bindusar – Rajmata Helena, Khalatak, Maharani Charumitra and Sushim have united toge...

1 year ago . 607 views


Disaster struck this dowager twice in the Sundarbans, the world`s biggest mangrove forests . To begin with, she watched her significant other bite the dust of snakebite. ...

2 years ago . 378 views

Ghalib’s 220th birth anniversary: Delhiites redefine the life and times of the poet

Poetry and art enthusiasts in Delhi are keeping Mirza Ghalib, the legendary Urdu poet, alive in their own ways. Here’s looking at how these people are lending new f...

2 years ago . 192 views

Steve Job's Goodbye Speech
2 years ago . 578 views

Top 4 Best Nicer Dicer in India
1 year ago . 439 views

The Reason behind Why a noble prize winner , William Golding once said that "I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men".

Lord of the Flies author William Golding once said that "I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men". Sir William Gerald Golding (1911&ndash...

2 years ago . 1K views

यहां हुआ था रावण के ब्राह्मण पिता को राक्षसी से प्यार, जानिए FACTS

नोएडा के पास स्थित बिसरख गांव में मिलता है राक्षस राज रावण का इतिहास।

2 years ago . 340 views

Why letter-writing still holds relevance in this day and age

Two new books, one by former Indian minister K Natwar Singh, and the other by prize-winning international bestselling author Simon Sebag Montefiore, rekindle the joy of w...

1 year ago . 373 views

Story of anti-Sikh riots in 1984
2 years ago . 369 views

Taj hotel attack 26-11
2 years ago . 420 views

Top 5 Best Comforters & Duvets in India
1 year ago . 461 views

5 crazy inventions from the mind of Nikola .

Matthew Inman, proprietor of web comic The Oatmeal, is on a mission to build a crowd-funded museum dedicated to inventor Nikola Tesla, who Inman refers to as "the gr...

2 years ago . 220 views

History of the word Dalit

A petition by a Gwalior-based social worker Mohanlal Mahor in the Madhya Pradesh High Court stated that, "The word Dalit is derogatory and this term was coined by up...

1 year ago . 149 views

Myth of Bengal’s 'Ghost Station' that Even Railways Declared 'Haunted' Busted After 50 Years

A nine-member team of the rationalist organisation Paschim Banga Bigyan Manch, armed with torches, digital compasses and cameras, had camped at Begunkodor station with po...

2 years ago . 191 views

1 year ago . 457 views

Forty years after Turkman Gate firing: Massacre, killing of Muslims during emergency, is now a forgotten affair

The day passed off quietly without a whimper. There were no tears, no protest, no recall of the tragedy or any demand for justice.

2 years ago . 366 views

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