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Look Up, There's a Mysterious Rainbow Ring Around The Sun!

Are you someone who is enamoured by celestial events? Do you wake up early on trips just to catch the sunrise? Can you be seen running breathlessly as you chase the sunset? Then you need to take a look at this rare phenomenon that has left Bangaloreans completely puzzled.


The Sun has a halo
There’s a mysterious rainbow ring around the Sun and it looks straight out of a dream! The picture below was taken earlier today from Bagmane Tech Park, Bengaluru.
Here's a video:



Known as the Sun Halo, this rare occurrence is caused due to light refracting from ice crystals in the atmosphere. The refraction creates a fascinating prism effect that makes a ring of light precisely 22 degrees away from The Sun. This leads to the formation of a halo that appears to be dressed in the colours of the rainbow. Not something that you see everyday!
But what does it mean?
According to an urban myth, a halo around The Sun signifies the impending end of the world. However, considering that the halo has been seen in other parts of the world before, this is only a legend meant to entertain. So it is nothing you should be worrying about (or should you?)
So what are you waiting for? Stop staring at your screens, go out, look at the sky and behold this magical sight for yourself!




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