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Why does Hinduism have so many gods?

People often think that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. They ask me, “Why do you have so many gods?”

5 months ago . 53 views

Sita : An Illustrated Retelling Of The Ramayana

The chariot stopped far from the city in the middle of the forest. Sita alighted, eager to walk amongst the trees. The charioteer, Lakshman, remained seated. Sen...

1 year ago . 91 views

Happiness Mantra....

Positivity attracts blissfulness, says ARCHIKA DIDI We are born the same, at different locations and times, but we all start our lives the same way. Some achieve...

10 months ago . 99 views

Arth - Apeksha Aur Upeksha
8 months ago . 104 views

How to Choose a Washing Machine – A Complete Buying Guide
8 months ago . 149 views

Meaning of Satsanga Hinduism - What Does Satsang Mean in Hindu Religion?

The primary meaning of the word satsanga in Hindu religion is the company of the holy, meaning, association with and becoming one with the supreme Self, which is of the e...

4 months ago . 74 views

How Hanuman Got the Title Sankat Mochan?

Sankat Mochan means the liberator from distress and is a popular title given to Hanuman. Legend has it that Hanuman was the given the title Sankat Mochan by Shani Bhagava...

3 months ago . 64 views

A Tale Of Radha , Krishna and Uddhava

Uddhava, the apprentice of Krishna, one day expressed his dissatisfaction to Krishna that in-spite of studying all Vedas ,Upnishadas and Sutras, he still was not recipien...

9 months ago . 154 views

Why experience is greater than knowledge

Spirituality begins the moment we become curious.

1 year ago . 112 views

Krishna As Girl

Strivesha is a depiction of Krishna as a woman, writes DEVDUTT PATTANAIK, and narrates stories related to the form of Krishna that displays joy and showers affection

7 months ago . 315 views

Who is Lord Shankar?

Lord Shankar is one of the famous names of Shiva, the one who is the omniscient and prominent deity in the Sanatan Dharma.

2 weeks ago . 15 views

11 Things You Never Knew About The Earth
1 year ago . 189 views

3 Best UPS for PC in India
7 months ago . 124 views

Motorola One Power Review
6 months ago . 133 views

Top 10 Popular Temples In Gujarat

Gujarat – the land of the white desert, of artisans who bloom a million colours in textiles cherished throughout India, of natural sanctuaries that house some of ou...

11 months ago . 192 views

If You Believe in God, You Will Not Be Afraid of Anything!

In case you believe in God, you won’t fear the unknown as you are aware that his light will guide you even through the darkest nights. You realize that his way migh...

8 months ago . 73 views

Aster-A Divine Flower Dedicated To All The September-Born

Flowers are the most precious gift showered by nature that can illuminate days like nothing else. Flowers spread a scintillating aroma and smiles everywhere they are pres...

1 year ago . 151 views

Arth - Meaning Of Expectation and Neglect
8 months ago . 90 views

Top 10 Hindu Goddesses
1 year ago . 524 views

The top players in the Indian real estate market
6 months ago . 126 views

Best Air Conditioners Online in India | 2018
11 months ago . 219 views

12 Unique Temples Of India That Have Created Their Place In The World

India is a fascinating land of vivid cultures and rich history. This is best showcased in the stunning Hindu temples across the country. Know for far more than their reli...

11 months ago . 192 views

Power of the sanctified thread: significance of wearing a Mauli or Kalava

The customary tradition of tying a Mauli on the wrist during any religious ceremony has usually been witnessed by us. In the beginning or at the end of the ceremony, pand...

6 months ago . 127 views

Differences between Amba, Kali and Durga

Know the various forms of Adi Shakti during the festival of Navratri Navratri is almost always referred to as Navdurga utsav, suggesting that it is a festival fo...

3 months ago . 63 views

The 35 Most Amazing and Famous Temples in India

India is a land of diversity, with varied cultures, festivals, and beautiful temples. Temples can be found everywhere—from the hilly areas of the Himalayas to the m...

11 months ago . 148 views

Peepal Tree And Its Worship In Indian Culture

Peepal tree or Pipal (Ficus Religiosa) is considered to be one of the most sacred trees in our Hindu culture since ages. Even Jains and Budhists worship the Peepal tree. ...

1 month ago . 102 views

Lessons from the Dance of Kali, the Mother Nature

If we want to make progress upon earth, we must understand the methods, mechanism and intentions of Nature and live accordingly in harmony with it rather than against it....

7 months ago . 79 views

Story of Ayyappa – Legend of Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala – Simple Ayyappa Story

Ayyappa is the Hindu God worshipped in the famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala. Story of Ayyappa is based on legends that are popular in South India. Legend has it...

4 months ago . 88 views

What Does Artificial Intelligence’s Growth Mean for Humanity?

Sadhguru: Any intelligence is good. If you do not have natural intelligence, then artificial; if you do not have organic intelligence, then synthetic. But any intelligenc...

1 year ago . 117 views

9 Indian Temples & Shrines That Have Witnessed Strange Paranormal Happenings

The deeper you go into the Indian psyche, the clearer it becomes that there's a certain form of belief in the supernatural. Spirits, demons, wraiths, whatever you wan...

1 year ago . 222 views

9 myths about Hinduism — debunked

Hinduism is ancient, though there is no specific date for when it was formed. The name is a Sanskrit word; Hinduism and Hindu were coined by invaders who used the terms t...

5 months ago . 71 views

Bhagavad Gita and Wealth Creation

Bhagavad Gita and money and Hindu spirituality and wealth creation are still perceived as odd combinations and it often raises several eyebrows. If a Hindu wants to take ...

1 year ago . 88 views

Why Lord Shiva is blue?

Why Lord Shiva is blue? The answer to the question Why Lord Shiva is blue has many versions. In this post, we have answered Why are Hindu gods portrayed blue in color...

2 weeks ago . 18 views

Truth about Marriage

*HARDCORE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE!!* 1. There is nothing that threatens the security of a wife than the thought of another woman competing for the attention and aff...

10 months ago . 137 views

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