7 People Reveal What It's Like To Quit Smoking & This May Just Motivate You To Quit
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Ever tried to quit smoking and failed miserably? You're not alone.
We all know that smoking is bad. Believe me, every smoker out there understands the ill-effects of smoking, but bow down to the habit because of how addictive nicotine is.


But we also realize that you need that extra push to give up the habit. You need to know exactly how it benefits you to give yourself the inspiration to stay away from these cancer sticks, no matter how addictive they are. Here, we talk to 7 young people who decided to give up on smoking and how it improved their lives:
#1. Your skin will thank you for quitting smoking.
#2. Make that effort for your health.
#3. You'll see the benefits sooner than you'd think.
#4. You'll feel like the healthiest version of yourself.
#5. For some, it is all the money they end up saving that drives them to quit.
#6. If your throat feels constantly irritated, quit the cigarettes immediately.
#7. The long-term benefits of not smoking outweigh the short-term pleasure you feel after smoking.
It may seem tough but you would rather see it through because of all the amazing health benefits!



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